Should I Use WordPress Akismet Plugin?

Remember back in the day when bloggers had trouble optimizing to accept there comments because your inbox was filled with over 1,000 spam comments. Those were the days, and we all remember them so easily. Sometimes it would take over a whole week to delete all of those unwanted comments. Spammers would leave a ton of links on a page to increase there search engine rankings. It’s so funny because in those early years we didn’t know exactly what they were so of course we would delete them all to keep our websites, also known as blogs from looking like trash or subsequently penalized for inheriting links on our blogs, therefore renaming us as link farms. Actually, this really helped a lot of blogs bring in tons of traffic form different sources. Then came WordPress bringing the solution to many problems we have with comments not to mention a hindering problem let me explain what I mean.

To Hate Akismet (The Hindering Problem)

We all know linking out to many websites, and blogs are one of the best ways for us to rank high on the search engines. Individuals who work at home have the grand opportunity to build real business ranging in different markets of there expertise. Building blogs, and selling products of these blogs are some of the best benefits you can hold in the field of online business ventures. One of the greatest ways in history of online marketing is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which is not the only way to gain traffic on a blog, but a free way to take advantage of what’s hot on the market in helping people find what they need at the same time target that particular market with keywords. Backlinks are a big part of the factor of making it to the top of the search engines for your keyword through anchored text links.

Commenting on blogs is a supreme strategy for gaining backlinks. In a way, this is an unethical way of gaining backlinks because many know the idea or reason for some comments you post on there blogs, especially if you are using a keyword. Commenting on hosted wordpress blogs are cool, but if you use your keywords for a link back to your blog a little bit too much you will get caught by WordPress Akismet only if it is enabled by the administrator of the blog, and mark you as spam. This will cause your comment to get blocked for any kind of WordPress hosted blog that is Akismet enabled for a number of weeks sometimes for good.

The thing is…..not all comments are just the benefit for search engine increments for your keyword, but some really do use real comments at the same time gain a real benefit from volunteering in a conversation. Although this is a good way to build links for a blog it will be wise to look into different techniques in link building not just because your comment will fall into the Akismet spam filter eventually, but to expand your ideas on how to look for quality links.

To Love Akismet

Akismet is a wonderful tool to have enabled on your blog for a administrator point of view. With Akismet enabled individuals would now have the ability to block unwelcome comments by spammers that only leave links in the post. There have been wonderful reports that the software has blocked hundreds of thousands of spam comments from different blogs. The great feature about Akismet is everything is done automatically without your preservation which saves you a ton of time of to do other important things than worry about deleting spam. The software does it for you by detecting possible comments that may be spam. The comments that pass the parameters of Akismet can pass through either to moderate status or instant approval depending on the administrator.

Do not fret because there are many more strategies for you to use in order to gain exposure for your website other than using blogs. There has always been speculations about using blogs to gain backlinks due to spam overhauling a general blog. I am not putting down Akismet because it does help bloggers block unwanted comments, however, it still needs to be tweaked a bit. Try submitting your links to social bookmarking websites if you are pushing to get traffic to your websites or blogs. If work at home seo marketers using Akismet are having problems with the comment spam system simply transform the way you link to different websites on a un-deliberate manner.

Submit to website directories while using anchored text in your links. Web directories accept websites or blogs that are using the name of there business domain name, and relevant website description. I recommend that you submit to free web directories other than the paid ones any day. There have been speculation that Google are excluding many web directories from passing authority over to other websites and blogs that are housed on there platform. This may or may not be true due to the fact there is no real proof of this. I suggest that you continue using web directories to get as many votes as you can for your website or blog.

In the end Akismet is a great tool to keep spammers from drenching down your blog with spam links and non relevant comments. For marketers it is a tool that saves them time from deleting messages at the same causing you problems. Don’t use irrelevant ways to build links like spamming other blogs to make your way up the search engines. Use your real name and real comments with your link in the proper spot so Akismet can’t catch spam keywords. You are still able to gain links through blogs just remember to do it authentically and you will be fine.

Til Then My Friends,
Jermaine Pleas

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