Bing or shall I say Bingahoo! Vs Google

Okay, I have been looking into more news coming in about the new search engine Bing by Microsoft for a month now, and have looked into the features, and I must say it is a great search engine, and provides a better experience than the regular old MSN search engine that Microsoft provided, but in a way it still feels similar. Why does it feel similar? The difference is the new generation web 2.0 integration Bing provides to the search like Twitter. This matters to many people, and a superb move by Microsoft’s Bing. You see, everybody is on Twitter so why not give a person a reason to use your search engine implementing a Twitter experience. I think Microsoft is really starting to understand the social networking community, and now have created somewhat of a better experience.

So what does all this means to you as a work at home entrepreneur. Not many bloggers say this, but it matters a lot to the marketer no matter how you feel the realization is none of us wants to loose out on this grand opportunity to be listed in the Bing search engine. What about my position in Google, and all my visitors that visits my blog through Google? Will I loose them to Bing after all my hard work to position my blog search engine organic results in Google? Believe it or not this have been on many internet marketers minds, and possibilities are endless on the internet. This could be very possible a new beginning in the making. The best thing you could do just in case this happens is to get your readers to subscribe to your RSS reader if you are receiving a huge amount of traffic this will be a smart move.

Honestly, I’m surprised MSN, or Yahoo wasn’t the leader in the beginning due to the fact of the marketing power these two have in their hands. How in the world can you not be #1…..this is an obvious suggestion for any company, but the lack of marketing ideas could be the problem. Convincing individuals to use your search engine isn’t hard, but with uniqueness, and friendly-viral marketing planing you can never go wrong. Think about it , Bing is now commercializing their search engine all over the television now which gets to many Googleholics very quickly to convert over. That’s exactly what they meant when they talked about cutting into Google’s users. Commercializing is in a nutshell, but creative commercializing is better.

Not to mention Yahoo has decided to join Bing on this battle for the #1 search engine’s spot. Yahoo wants in too. Forthcoming Bingahoo! Put these two together and you have a powerhouse waiting to explode. Not too long ago Yahoo had turned down a huge multi-billion dollar buyout deal by Microsoft, but now they have come to terms that they could share the profits, and let Bing’s Microsoft search engine engineers take control, and use Bing’s cutting edge technology to update Yahoo’s technology for the best search engine results. While this is all still in premature stage I think we all should gear up by continuing to link build, and provide more content for our users. Google is a really powerful tool at this time we have learned to adapt to its ways, and could stay that way for a very long time, but remember not to put all your eggs in a bag.

Till Then My Friends 🙂

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