Need a Review on Bluehost Hosting for Websites?

I always used to ask myself how in the world do I get a blog for myself and build it ground up if I’m going to work from home at my own pace. Then I found out that I can create myself a free blog instead of purchasing a domain name from hosting company instead. What I found out is hosting your own blog is more beneficial to you instead of using a free one from Blogger or WordPress blogs. So what I decided to do was choose a hosting company to deal with so I chose Bluehost to host my blogs online. The reason I decided this because you have a wide range of things you can control behind the scenes of your blog, for instance, the cascading style sheets(css), Themes, etc. One of the best features that comes with Bluehost is the ability to auto-install the WordPress blogging script. Meaning Bluehost will install WordPress platform blog for free. Your blog website address will look like instead of a free wordpress address, such as,

The plugins that you will be able to use for your hosted WordPress blog are awesome. You can’t use plugins with a free WordPress blog because a free blog doesn’t have access to your websites/blogs index file. The best free software to transfer files from your computer to index file is Filezilla because the interface is web base, and application friendly. Filezilla is a File Transfer Protocol(FTP). Without FTP you would always have to log in to your hosting account every sing time you need to transfer files from your PC to blog/website. The options you have for themes for your blog are spread all across the internet. If you go to you will find tons of plugins and great themes.

The best Hosting company –