Is Buying Old Domains a Good Thing to Do?

I have noticed that if you fiddle around online you might bump into some great things. Of course, many people who work at home probably have taken advantage of this tactic already, but it’s still effective today. Buying new domains can be a drag if you don’t know what name you want to choose right away so you quickly think up such a name then register it through some shared web host. Today, I took this old domain registering dilemma serious, and decided to look further into this matter. What I’ve learned is that old domains can be a great value for your SEO efforts.


Say that I want to target a competitive niche, but I need to register a domain name. So I take the initiative to think about a nifty name. The niche that I’m targeting is “baby food”. While thinking very hard I still haven’t come up with a name. So, I decide to look for a old expired domain name that at least contains those two keywords. After looking very hard for a old related domain I find a great domain that fits my criteria “”. I notice that this domain has a little value attached to it so I look in deeper, and this is what I find:


The pagerank isn’t high at all. Although it’s just a PR2 that means it has value in it. Even though Google will favor a website for it’s keyword with a PR0 it doesn’t alter the fact Google is shading this domain in green.


The keywords of the domain could be possibly linking to other websites with the same keywords which means all you have to do is continue using those keywords for your backlink strategy((this is why I said search for a old domain with the keywords you want to rank for because more likely the ex-owner could have been using the keywords of the domain name to link from different websites)). For old domains you still can use a backlink tool and check the anchored links that are linking to that domain. The theory is Google favors old domains in a particular target niche which are ranked higher than new domains.

Check The Google SERP

Old domains with value often has indexed search engine pages which is A+ for you. All you have to do is type in the full domain name inside the Google search engine and view how many pages have been indexed for that domain name. A very good old domain with value has over 10,000 pages indexed already which means this domain is just waiting to be used for a useful purpose.


Just like I said before, Google loves old age so let’s look at the age of the domain. If the domain is over 2 years old then you are in good shape. Add content to this domain which would more likely be a blog.

So what is the purpose to buy old domains for? To get inside the search engines quicker for your keywords because it works. I always stressed on starting a free blog because Google obviously favors there own network, and the blogger network has been around for a couple years now, and SEO is pretty much easier with their platform. What do you guys and girls think on this “Old Domain” matter?

6 thoughts on “Is Buying Old Domains a Good Thing to Do?

  1. Fonduri Structurale

    I think the old domains have more value in Google eyes. They are not in the sandbox period (because Google know their age) and are more easy to optimize. You can follow the number of the IBLs before you decide to buy these domains.

  2. Work at home tips

    Hello! Buying an old domain could be a help to get your site visitors but..we know that there are sites that has been banned by google or adsense etc..if we could buy such domains, it would hurt your website too. At this point, how can we detect if that domains is okay??

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