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MCA Motor Club of America Roadside Assistance is Legitimate, No Scam Here

I usually wonder why Motor Club of America attracts so much attention on its status as an legitimate service. The policies are fairly tangible, you do get a package in the mail listing the fabulous features that allows you the chance to save money through popular services such as dental, hotel & lodging, and also medical prescription medicines. I have no idea what makes having these necessities a fraud. I commence, another reason for hating MCA has to be in place, let me think.

Emergency automobile help is included in the feature such as, towing, gas delivery help, mobile tire change, among several other magnificent benefits. The second reason I disband the Motor Club of America scam rumors is because I’ve put the road service features to use for myself and have experienced nothing but positive results. Guess what, there was no exchange in funds other than my monthly subscription fee of $19.95. So, that is legit….what else could it be that make people call it a scam. Maybe it’s the $80 independent associates are awarded for every personal sale made.

An independent associate or the sales agent as we call them from the Direct TV days are paid generously for the contribution of promoting the service to motorist. I mean, 200% per commission on for every sale is going to raise eyebrows from skeptics. Today, the ordinary individual work a 9-5 without any means of earning more. This kind of thinking is toxic. TVC Marketing pays their associate such a drastic amount of money since the person is doing the marketing for them other than them doing it themselves, smart move in my opinion.

Millions of dollars is set aside for their sales agents, that is why a great service like MCA won’t go away with it’s unique membership in the hands of those 7,000,000 users and an in-demand market of people looking for a great opportunity to earn a living from home. So, if you are on the lookout for a real opportunity to earn big scash through the automotive industry, check the resources on the bottom.

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Motor Club of America ( – TVC MCA Motor Club of America membership benefits are great, the review tells all. This is a service for people who are in need of emergency road help. You can search the BBB, wiki sites and more.

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