How to Get Paid if You Write Articles for eHow

Generally, article submission can be a fun experience. For some it can be a very tedious job because you never have fun with it. Some article websites are just not worth going submitting to because the low quality value benefit of what you will receive from that particular article website is next to nothing. I have done a little searching on the internet, and have found a very interesting website that you could submit your unique articles to.

The thing about this directory is its a whole lot more different than your ordinary article directory you submit to on a normal basis. I will lay out the 5 best things you will find quite awesome about this directory, and the things individuals like yourself want to keep in mind when searching for the best article directory. As work at home entrepreneurs increase each year these methods could turn around any falling or rising business in the future.

1. Google Authority

Ask anybody I am the type of business person that will submit to any article directory that is well worth my time of submitting to. Either way there shouldn’t be any reason your biz cannot benefit from free article directories out there. I’ve recently have been doing some more searching online to further my marketing, and bumped into eHow is becoming to be pretty popular due to its nature of continuous methods.

Not only is the Alexa ranking 167 at the time that I’m posting now, but if you look at the shady green Google pagerank toolbar eHow is ranked at PR7. That means eHow is packing very high Google authority. This means Google trust in them, and may pass on to whatever links through them also. Understanding the factors of authority, eHow can pass along Google authority to your blog/website that you have linking from your articles, therefore increasing your Google PR, and Google SERP.

2. Simplicity

When I found the platform was brilliant. The way people are able to sign up so quickly sold me easily.’s quality is truly a gem, and the idea of there directory is something I had never seen before. In my time of signing up all I had to do is verify my account, and it only took me a minute. Consider the downtime when signing up for a service because you don’t have to put too much information, and if it really isn’t worth it why waste your time. eHow delivers quickly without delay! My entire process for took me a little over 5 minutes to sign up, and get my articles out that I wanted to publish online. The navigation from page to page gives the features a awesome experience. It’s more web 2.0 friendly than any other article directory I’ve used in the past.

3. The Articles

Articles aren’t exactly what you expect them to be on Traditionally, the online community is more use to the fact of creating a 3-paragraph article then submitting to the directory for a review then publishing, but it isn’t exactly that way. On the first page you will write what subject you want to talk about today. eHow wants you to keep it short, and simple, afterwords, you choose the title of your article. That brings me to the meaning of eHow.

Basically eHow gives a person an opportunity to explain “How to” do something in 4 or more steps. For example, a person wants teach people ways to make a cake so you will fill in the title phrase “How to make a cake”. Once you have taken that phrase no one else can use it because the problem for the reader is known as being solved already. You can use variations, but not the exact phrase. On the next page you will list 4 or more steps on whatever you show “How To” do something which can be useful to the readers looking to solve the problem.

4. Editorial Review In Minutes

The objective to submitting a article after you write it is to get accepted quick as possible by the editing team. Do you know that it takes some article directories over three months to accept the article you’ve submitted to them. One must understand, after all, you have hundreds possibly thousands of articles ahead of yours just waiting to get an editorial review. Just like you everyone else is waiting for there turn.

The thing about waiting for acceptance in the article directory is you will never know if your article will be accepted at all, especially if you have submitted to over 100 article directories. This may take a great deal of tracking every single day. With (I Don’t Know How They Do It) the article you submit is viewed within minuted. The last piece I had submitted to them took no less than 10 minutes which is amazing due to my earlier dealings with other article directories.

5. Get Paid

Making money online has become the thing of this century today. People go to work each and every day only waiting to get home, and resume building a business or work at home submitting articles for a little cash on the side. With ehow You have the opportunity to do this on a part-time basis. Maybe this is how has become so unpredictably the #1 spot for writing articles. Not only can you use them to build your business around SEO you can also making a few bucks here, and there.

Do I recommend Yes I do, you can make money online publishing articles on eHow online. these guys carry a huge reputation of making your business online a tad bit better. Google loves them! 🙂

Til Then Your Friend,
Jermaine Pleas

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  1. Article Submission

    It’s ok to research the Internet for article ideas, but it’s not ok to copy word-for-word of any article. Paraphrasing can also be classified as plagiarism. Be original.

  2. make money working online

    Making money online is not so simple as many people think, make money working online with simple membership websites, or CPA is one of the most often choices, but this is not so easy . One of the fastest ways, maybe not so profitable as CPA is Google AdSense websites, there are a lot of great website themes optimized for this , promotion of niche keywords in Google is very simple.

  3. Seb

    Being very new to all this I am just finding my way slowly. I finally have a couple of articles at ezine which was a big deal to me. I am trying to make money online, but as someone commented it’s not that easy. If it was everyone would be doing it. What I do like is that I don’t have to “twist anyone’s arm”, unlike MLM and some of that other stuff. Thanks for some great advice.

  4. Team Roster

    You you could edit the webpage subject title Make Money Online Publishing Articles on Ehow | to more generic for your content you create. I loved the the writing withal.

  5. Eddie Wright

    Just thought I’d point out that the recent Google Panda update may affect the effectiveness of article marketing on sites like eHow. the game hasn’t totally changed, but it looks like using this as a sole strategy may be on the way out. good luck to all though!

  6. admin Post author

    Yeah, the Panda effect has totally corrupted many websites. Its best to stick with relevant content and adding it to your websites besides, CONTENT IS KING. Thanks for the reply Eddie 🙂

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