How to Increase Traffic to Your Blog Using Entrecard

For about 4 months now I’ve been looking for different ways to receive free traffic online. We now all know that search engine traffic is one of the best resources for us work at home entrepreneurs to gain traffic online for our blogs, but there are other resources out there with great benefits, and one of those is Entrecard is a network for bloggers from all around the world in different niches looking for readers online. Some of you might have noticed the Entrecard widget on the right side of my blog which I had to install before using the network.

The widget is great, once you have signed up, and have gotten your blog approved by the Entrecard team you can install the widget on your blog then immediately start visiting different blogs to drop on their widget. Every time you visit a blog and drop a card on their widget just by clicking the the “drop” button you will gain credits. You will gain one credit per card you drop on each blog, and the limit amount of blogs you can drop on is 300 per day. If you continue to drop a card on at least 300 blogs a day that’s 300 credits, and a possible 300 visits from other bloggers that day all depends on who’s watching their drops they will hit you back ASAP.

The Benefits

Okay, the great thing about Entrecard is we can have a great amount of visitors on our blog pretty quickly, and within time we can have built a huge amount of friends, and tons of credits at the same time. After you have accumulated a huge amount of credits you can then start sending out request to other Entrecarders to banner advertise on their blog for a cost of your credits that you have made. This is great to gain more targeted exposure to your blog without having to pay anybody for it with green money. All the bloggers on Entrecard really enjoy the fact people are visiting their blog so in reward some would install a “Top Droppers”, or “Recent Droppers” widget on their blog so in return you would get some traffic from their blog, and anchored keyword link on their homepage for SEO purposes.

If you want to get on the “Top Droppers” list on a blog you have to continue dropping on those blogs that has the “Top Droppers” widget installed every single day. Sooner or later you will start to see your link appearing. The “Recent Droppers” widget is good too. As soon as you drop on the Entrecard widget your link will appear on the “Recent Droppers” widget, but you have to continue dropping everyday in order to see your anchored link on appear on the list. You may not find some Entrecarders using the “Top Droppers”, or “Recent Droppers” widget, but I’ve managed to find a blog that has found some of these particular Entrecard blogs around. Check out NotJohnChow’s Drop List. The list is huge, but use them well for your 300 drops a day if you want, and possible “Top Droppers”, and “Recent Droppers” widget. Follow NotJohnChow’s instructions on how to use his system, and you will be dopping quicker than usual. Another option is searching the Entrecard network manually for those particular blogs.

Til Then My Friends,
Jermaine Pleas