What are Some Ways for Kids to Make Money Online or Offline

There are no age restrictions for anybody to make money from offline or online as a matter of fact I made my first 100 dollars from offline around the age 14-15 and I continued to profit from different sources without having to wait for my age to qualify for applying for a job. Today I am going to explain 5 different things a kid can do to create a small income for themselves. The methods that I will be explaining are outlines about offline and online opportunities for you to take advantage of. Kids today are not aware of the chances they have and not to mention the time that is on there side to grow knowledge overtime. If you are thinking about making quick cash over summer, recreational, or build a business.

Offline Business Opportunities

1. Have A Small Garage Sale – Overtime you are going to accumulate clothing and merchandise that you have no other use for any longer and want to get rid of. Since there is a chance for you to actually make profits online using Ebay it would be another alternative for you to have in case the garage sale don’t work out as good as you think. Your parents might have a few tables in the house that you could use to place your items on for preview.

The prices that you set is dependent on the previous price of the product. Whatever the price was before it more likely is lower value. For instance, say that a person has possession of 5 set of denim jeans that was worth 15 dollars each. Two years later, the price value of those pants will drop. To get the most out of the sale you need to charge about 30% lesser than you the price from out of the store which is $4.50 for each pair of pants. You’ve have just made $18.50.

2. Lawnmower Work – Living in the suburbia area certainly spell profit for a young person because not everybody have time to cut the yard in the morning. Work the neighborhood and find those individuals who may need yard work done on there lawn. If there are examples of the work that has been done by you then use it as a presentation for those people to see. Earn the trust of the neighbors and I bet you would become there week to week yard man. Building integrity in the service that is delivered can quadruple the income that can be made every few weeks.

Keep prices at a reasonable fixed price and the work will be guaranteed. Let’s follow a few examples, say that you have rounded up about 6 homeowners who need there yards cut. If you charge each yard at least 15 dollars for the front yard and 10 for the back, that adds up to 25 dollars a home. If you finish the same day that is $150 dollars that day alone not to mention extra charges for raking up the yard afterwords.

3. Start A Small Candy Store – Ever bought wholesale candy and sold them for a much greater price. Ask your school for instruction on where they receive wholesale candy from for fundraisers and try to purchase a couple boxes. A great resource foe buying bulk foods is the local Sam’s club in which is available near the area you reside. Sam’s Club is owned by the same owners of Wal-Mart only Sam’s are supposed to be in business for helping small business which is what you are looking for.

The range of candy at Sam’s Club is very huge as a matter of fact a lot more cheaper with there prices when you buy them bulk. Imagine if someone bought a 30 case of Snicker bars for about $10 and sold each candy bar for a dollar each. That means you have profited 66% which is about $29.99-30.00. You basically made the investment back including 20 dollars extra in a day, not bad if you can sell so many in one day. It may be hard but there are ways to build continuance of ongoing business by providing a business card if you have resources to get one. Treat every one these ventures like they are real businesses.

Online Business Opportunities

1. Take Online Surveys – Ever received so much spam in your email that you don’t even bother to look in your bulk mail and in some cases your email account anymore. It can be a problem if you sign up to so many newsletters that you can no longer remember which ones you gave your email address to. If you bother to pitch your email to anyone then you probably should take a closer look at making a little doe with surveys online. Although not many of these exist there are still companies out there to pay for your opinion.

How do you find companies that are going to pay you for intel. The basic idea of these companies is to get information from others about the product they have produced or going to put out for the public to purchase. There are times when they pay individuals $.75-1.00 for a quick survey and in some cases you can win gifts for participating in a focus group. The idea of the company is to do high performance research on these merchandise before putting them on the shelf. Imagine filling out 10 surveys paying $0.75 cent each. That would be $10.75 that day.

2. Google Adsense Program – Making cash with Google is super easy if you have a blog with existing traffic. The whole idea of Google Adsense is to pay publishers for featuring ads on there website or blog. You get paid on how many clicks you receive for that month. It is undetermined how much a persons earn for every click however we all know the bids begin at .05 a click for placing ads with Adwords. The advertiser has the choice to allow publishers to publish ads pertaining to content or be featured throughout Google’s network of search engines.

The money can brow as readers find your blog however money is in the quantity but you need quality at the most for people to even be interested in your blog, content, or ads you have published. Got $25,000 monthly visits with 50,000 pageviews? Then expect to make at least $200 dollars a month or more. Those advertisers who are bidding on the keywords are counting on you to bring them in targeted traffic and there is no need to worry because Google has setup the ads to generate relevant content.

3. Write Articles For Money – The cream of the crop is writing articles for those who are too busy to write there own articles. This industry has grown very much and there are many bloggers searching for services like these all the time however this is becoming a no-go for many individuals because the search engines are finding duplicate unrelated content on so many websites that they are being penalized. This infiltrates the interest of businesses all over the world because 60% of the traffic on websites rely on Google to deliver content.

Profiting in this business is going to be tighter now that red flags have been pulled however there are going to be a great amount of surveillance on those who write content for these blogs. Freelance article writing is sooner or later going to drift away because of these harming tactics and the possible lost of revenue and traffic is going to occur. The price could be estimated around .50 a article however I would put the price at least 1.00 per article depending on how much quality value the article holds.

While it seems like the market is low there are so many other ideas that I have missed out on. The actuality is we are becoming stronger than ever by coming up with innovative ideas and learning more everyday on how to build a business for ourselves. The best thing to keep in mind is you are “SMART”, because even tough you are young, you have taken upon yourself to search online for ways to create wealth. so what do you think is the best way to create a living as a younger person?