How to Sell Used or New Movies

A person who accumulates over 1,000 movies in the course of 10 years don’t know it yet but they have a goldmine in there possession. People who buy movies usually would pay $10-20 bucks per film and sometimes more depending on what it is. The best way to make money from movies is by having the right ones to sell such as the rare oldies that no one can find. If you got such a collection and would like to get rid of these particular movies then you have a better chance of turning your set of 1,000 DVD’s or Video tapes into cold hard cash. We are going to dive into ways on where “NOT” to sell them and where you should consider selling them, you will be surprised.

Pawn Shops or Not?

The value rating that these pawn shops price on consumer items are at a supreme low and for that matter I wouldn’t dare sell anything for money using a pawn shop as my buyer. When individuals hit hard times you have no choice but to use them because money is needed right away. It’s alright to use them for a loan and get your merchandise back after at a set time but I would not count on selling my product. Mostly, DVDs and CDs are not going to be sold for very much as a matter of fact if a individual consider trading movies for cash by pawning them you are going to receive no more than $.50-1.00 and no less than that regardless of how rare the movie may be.

Sell Your Movies On Ebay

This is quick cash if you make a decision on purchasing a Ebay page. What I would do before deciding what kind of movies I am going to be marketing is research the area of the movies or entertainment section of Ebay. Check out the bids in action and if you notice action movies being sold $50 a piece then you automatically know that the action genre is a superb category to be involved in. Investigate the year of these movies being resold over Ebay and I bet these are uncommon editions that is hard to purchase in your ordinary store.

These could range from movies represented in the 80s or movies that has been seen between the 60s-70s. I remember there was a set of Star Wars film being sold over the internet on Ebay and the people were going crazy because these were some of the first release of the franchise. In the end the seller managed to get a bid of $400 dollars, that is what Ebay can do for you.

Home Garage Sale

So, what makes selling movies so exciting in the first place? The idea alone is pleasantly intriguing and the opinions are good to but the rave of how much individuals are going to pay you for the movie is most interesting especially if you are holding the only set in the entire city. Feature your best list on the table and leave them separate from the rest of your items if you are moving other products in your garage sale. For my most hugest titles that are unseen in the market I would start at a price of $40 if they are in perfect condition and between $20-25 for those in fair condition. Hold a bidding session on your movies top see how fast you can have them sold for the most cash a possible.

Hold A Small House Party

People enjoy buying things you no longer want and for that reason parties are probably your best bet especially when these contain high price buyers. Buyers are always looking for unusual things to purchase and movies can strike there attention. Produce the party in a fashion that caters and offers great items to buy. Some may say this is a house warming party mixed with a setting like a art exhibit, or auction destination with drinks and music.

Stick to the goal of the party which is to sell the movies as quick as you can. Allow them to be sold on there own occasion meaning let them sell themselves. Place a movie in the DVD player or VHS to have everyone have a clear view of the movie playing and individuals will be astounded to ask questions about the movie or even have reminiscence of it. This can be a great method if you do it the right way. I would like to hear your methods, just leave a comment 🙂