How to Make Your Own Animation for Money

Many creative minds are made everyday especially in the art’s field. If you have thought about creating a business around animation then you have chosen a extremely interesting field of work to affiliate yourself with. The fact remains that your own creations can sore as high as you want them to be and all you need to have in place is motivation, self technique, ideas, and the motion to wanna make tons of money. Have you ever looked at television and watched cartoons up close? If you do then you are going to notice that the old cartoons that were made was basically papers or special sheets drawn in sync with each other to create movement of the characters in which is better known as animation.

In those days the pay was very little compared to the money can be made in the industry today. Had a significant interest in developing a market in animation? Then all a individual need to do is begin thinking up some grand stories that are short with a main character in the middle of the world you’ve created. Most characters are funny, truthful, idealistic, and even political in some cases. Around the early 1900s political propaganda was the driving force of cartoons. Now that the 20th century has come to light it is all about pop culture with very little political attaching to it. So what are some ways to create some nice profits in this industry? Let’s begin!

Create T-Shirts

Have an character in mind that you would like to display to the world? If so, then place him/she on a T-shirt of your choice. Most cartoons are always joking by reciting quotes that are similar to everyday problems and many just doesn’t make any sense. Before creating a animated character think about what you want to provide to the people or the message that is going to be sent to the vast millions who are going to be seeing the character placed on the shirt. Linking to charismatic positions of the world views and turning them around into some hilarious thought is somewhat comedic. Adapt to these fields! Animations + Comedy = A grinning, unstoppable, laughing individual, that is truly the result, and if you managed to attract grins or conversations about the shirts you can’t go wrong.

How much could a seller/creator make by selling there there animated shirts to the public? Remember, think out of the box. People love things that are worldly funny that captivate bystanders to wanna know more, and the more attention the shirt brings in the better the sales are going to move. Imagine that you have sold 30 shirts in a day at a price of $10 dollars a piece. That averages out to $300 dollars in your hands with very little work on your part. Stay with the fundamentals of your character that is acquired on your shirt and people will find the product that is being served extraordinary. Millions of dollars are spent on wearing apparel such as funny shirts every month so why not get your piece of the pie by publishing your own unprecedented material on shits which could actually end up on the backs of thousands every month.

Build A Customer Base

This can either be hard for you or easy however I say this is super easy if you obtain the correct tools to move along with your ideas. Got a blog? Then you can produce a fan based website with animations and turn it into brand overtime. Mostly young adults subscribe to things that makes them laugh but if you be diverse in the demographics by creating something for older adults by inventing other numerous animated characters then that literally opens the market up to more people to relate to your brands. Listen to the people: The opinions of others count a lot and whatever discussion on the character has the most voice then implement the chosen technique to the animation created. Remain updated on the animations so more readers and viewers come along and subscribe to your blog.

This is going to be a great investment of your time because once you are finished creating a huge animated world for your fans it is time to physically began making cash of your brand. Do this by selling books, movies, wearing apparel, and so many other items. The more popular your character gets the more business owners are going to want you to sponsor there products for them which is going to be another form of income to be placed in your portfolio.

Exposure to The Masses

Every viable company needs more exposure or advertising if I may. Advertising can be absolutely free and actually viral. Fans are good at showing off there favorite cartoon characters and once other people gets the rift of the swag that there friends are laying on them it then becomes a style. It builds upon others and blows up quickly. Sometimes your style could even travel from country to country because of how pop culture adapt so quickly in today society.

Use the search engines as a driving force for buyers. Use keywords that has a lot to do with wearing apparel, shirts or comedy if it applies. You have the choice in where you can use Google Adwords to pay web traffic slowly or you have the option to use search engine optimization to get to the top for your keyword terms which is free but requires true understanding of how the search engines work on a timely basis. Produce results by wearing the shirts you create. There is no better marketing or advertising skill then self promoting your own products and services by actually using them yourself.

Baseball caps are another great way to promote your cartoons without any effort. Use your intelligence, think about family members who are around you. Give them out for free to people if you can afford that many caps. The advertisement should have a destination on the back, or side which enlist your website or business phone number. Creating a company of this magnitude can be absolutely fun and lucrative at the same time. So, give me your response and intake on being in the animation business, please comment and thanks for reading 🙂