How to Get Free Traffic from Google for My Website

The fundamentals of making a living from Google has to do with there 3 prongs in which helps you receive traffic and turn it around into money. Hundreds of websites and blogs are being created everyday to get there piece of the pie and the search engines are the main source to refining that property for production. First, purchase a domain and publish a blog create a HTML website with CSS.

Most bigger websites rely on Google to turn there traffic into cash and some use advertising methods to exchange it for SE traffic. Participating in the search results and using Adwords are two totally different things. Adsense is for publishers who have wants to convert there visits into cash. In this, we dive into using Google resources to make a full-time income without spending a dime and using pennies to attract possible customers.

Why Should We Use Google As Our Primary Source Of Traffic?

Like other search engines, the whole point in using them is to get relevant results for information on a particular subject. This can range from financing homes, buying automobiles, purchasing credit cards, etc. The users type in keywords so the search query return a certain amount of results which is usually 1-10 pertaining to there keywords. Pages are examined on the titles, URL and description to calculate the outcome of the result. The search is totally dependent on the relevancy.

Engines such as Bing and Yahoo are attempting to follow in the footsteps of Google because consumers gives data based upon there searches and Google records every bit of it which could possibly turn into a niche market for those who are into producing products to market that is why the other popular search engines are so enticed to follow Google’s trails. There algorithm is top notch and displays unbeatable end base.

Google Adwords Program

Advertisers over the internet are very familiar with there ad program especially today because it brings in more traffic than you can handle, if you got the enough money to spend on Ads. Thought about competing for market share by purchasing keywords ads. Go for the cheaper long tail keywords that are not so saturated with competition. Competitors are lined up on the front step bidding on words that is best for there online biz.

It doesn’t stop from there because these bids can be as much as $80 dollars a click. Notice the sidebar ads every time you Google a phrase, or common word? Those ads are being paid for by advertisers who rely on individuals to click and buy there product or service. In a nutshell, the ads are super expensive so this can be a bad time to try and compete with them if you have no experience bidding or have not learned how to convert well but don’t worry because there are other lengthy keywords to use in the same industry that cost you less than .05 cent a click however that depends on the demand, and conversion in that field.

Create an account with Google and then begin researching keywords that is relevant to your service or product by using the keyword tool for investigating further. Place all related keywords inside the box, and check the box that pulls closely related terms. Doing this will enlist data on the amount of traffic being funneled, trends, and price to bid on for top listing per click.

Tread softly when bidding on high cost keywords to beat out the competitors because those who are waging so much have already been making decent money with the system besides some campaigns are placing over $100,000 dollars within there Adwords accounts to bid on overvalued keywords, big mistake! Why?

Long tailed words are more descriptive although the traffic is low the term is more particular from the user meaning this individual is looking for something directly and all you have to do is provide what is lacking by producing what is wanted. When planning the ads be precise and stay on point. Make sure the presentation is short and enticing to the user want so they would want to click on the ads for possible purchase. Don’t be sloppy on the information be comical like a television commercial and rely on creativity.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is hugely popular among those who run a business from home or those that operates corporations in different state and cities in the US. Believe it or not most highly valuable businesses get there traffic from Google. Search engines have created millionaires out of small based industries in less time you would in using conventional methods which is why utilizing optimization proficiency as a primary statistical marker for free marketing principles will boost sales in no time.

Unlike Adwords, you do not have to pay for anything. Focus on creating reliable content on your website and the readers will build sooner than you think. Your URL, page title, Website title, and relevant material is going to bounce you on a reasonable placement that defines your website. People who searches for the terms closely related in your field is going to find the product or service produced by you. Post things that catches people’s eyes and never deteriorate content by stuffing keywords for search manipulation, it hurts rankings and has no benefit.

Eventually, other webmasters are going to link to your website naturally so there is no need to use unethical methods in retrieving anchor text links. I would rather have 2 high authority websites link to me than 10 downgraded ones. Grow traffic naturally, using BH methods causes penalties in the end. Stick to writing awesome articles others are going to utilize and your efforts are going to pay off generously.

Adsense Program

Publishers are constantly using Adsense to make money online as an alternative to there affiliate marketing efforts especially for traffic that is left behind or want a variety of choices to choose from. Google partner up with webmasters to better capitalize on making more in return helping you monetize on your monthly readers/visitors. The code that is placed on the HTML format of your blog/website generates blocks of ads either if want them to appear horizontal, vertical, or even small blocks the choices are in your grasp. Since Google bought they’ve implemented Google adsense inside it. Now you can create a free blog and make money consistently using a free platform like blogger. You can earn money part time or full time today or tomorrow, that is how diverse the adsense because of that move by Google.

Adsense are advertisements that are placed or bid on by advertisers and publishers can display these on there website if allowed by the advertiser. The amount of money to be made is unpredictable when you look at how much is being bid on and how much Google splits between you two. For example, an advertiser has $20,000 dollars deposited in there account and is bidding $4.00 a click on “How to Bake Bread Fast”, If you’re in that targeted niche and your website contain those keywords then the chances of making at least 40% if someone clicks the ad is pretty high which is $1.60, not bad. Google is a opportunity machine, so, give me your opinions and ideas, thanks 🙂