How to Get Rich Online for Free Like these Guys

Everything that I’m about to describe to you about the work at home industry is from my experience only and how you can kick off your very own business online. Many people want to work from home to make money online, but they don’t know how to. Well, I have a great deal of things to discuss on this subject from legitimate opportunities, and scams that will only waste your time on the path of building a online business of your own. I’m going to reveal to you all of the free and paid methods that you can use to accelerate and have traffic flowing to your home business website in no time.

There’s one thing I want to get straight. There are thousands of people who make money online without a problem. Many of these people make a full-time living online, work at home moms, younger people of age find ways to make money online. I won’t lie to you it may take you 6 months to a year to actually start making a 5-figure monthly check and some people don’t even make a dime within a year. The secret is finding a niche(profitable market) and sticking with it. Here’s a few successful people who made there living online and they are pretty young. Just think what you can do if you was given the formula. Here they go:

Work From Home – These Guys and Girls Made They Fortune Online.

Age 22 Mark Net worth $700 million
Age 31 Chad Net Worth $300 million
Age 31 Pete Cashmore Net Worth $3.8 million
Age 18 Ashley Net Worth $4 millon
Age 24 Jermaine Net Worth $5 million
Age 36 Mario Net Worth $3 million
Age 31 Kevin Net Worth $30 million

Those people above are young and have really made a ton of money online, and a huge impact on the internet today, although these are some really huge websites that garners a whole lot of traffic you still can make tons of money on the internet selling your goods and services to the public. So let’s get to the baby steps on you can start your way on doing the same.

Work From Home – Step 1) Create A Free Blog Or Website

You need to create a website or blog in order to run your online business. When I first started out on my adventure online I created a free blog because I wanted to get the feel of having my own parking space on the internet so I created a free blog.


You might be asking yourself…how do I create a free blog? You can create a free blog at or you can even try my favorite called These are free blog portals to start off your business on whatever niche you choose to market.


Personally, I host my own domain name because I can do more with my website, such as, change the css style template of my website anytime I want unlike a free blog I can’t. If you choose to host your domain then I would go with because you can auto-install scripts for your website, personally, I chose the WordPress blog script because its more broader than any others I’ve seen.

TIP: Remember to match your blog domain or domain name to whatever you want to market. For instance, if you are marketing baby toys then try to create a domain name as close as possible to your target, such as, or babytoys if available.

Work At Home – Step 2) Create Content

After you have purchase a domain name or created a free blog its time to create or find content for your website or blog. If you’re not great at writing don’t worry you can copy and paste articles for free at or these article portals receives articles everyday from people on different subjects. I’m sure you can find a article in your niche you are in. Write a review about the product either it’s about Victoria Secret perfume, LCD televisions, or your favorite movies you need a review.


Work At Home – Step 3) Affiliate Products

So how do you actually make money online when you don’t even have a product to present? The answer is affiliate products from or to find product to sell online.

Commission Junction – Apply through these guys if you want to sell products for companies such as,,, or, and tons much more companies who’s willing to let you sell their products! Some of these products can sell as much as $5-10 a sell online.

ClickBank – Apply for to market information products. Information products are “how to” products that people very much need. For instance, “how to loose weight”, or “how to download 1000 music files in a minute”. Either way it go there is definite a way for you to make money selling info products to your customers. These products can sell for as much as $97, and you get paid a percentage of that.

Work From Home – Step 4) Marketing

PPC(Pay Per Click) Marketing

This is probably the most annoying process that you will have to go through during your online venture. A way for you to market your products from your website is Google search engine. Which is or if you don’t know. Notice the ads on the top and right side of search engine after you have typed in a search term, for instance, “mortgage loans”? People actually pay Google a certain amount a money every time someone clicks on their ads. Why? Because theses people are marketing a product through Google’s search engine for traffic to their website’s products and services. The lowest you will pay is $.05 per click, but many pay as much as $2.00 per click due to the competition in market today. This is one of the best methods to make money online while you work at home at your convenience. This is called PPC(Pay Per Click marketing) “Google Adwords Program”. This market is competitive if you don’t get in on time. The way you put this into action after you have established your website is find the keywords you want to target. Personally, I use the Google Adwords Tool and the SEOBOOK for keyword research on Google’s and Yahoo’s searches during that month. There are billions of searches a day on and so the market is for the taking.

Social Bookmarking and Networks

One of my best methods I used to learn how to work at home to make money online is join free and submit your website to social networks and social bookmarking websites. Here is some that I use for myself, but there are literally thousands of social networks and bookmarking websites for you to use that millions are on every single day which means possible money. My advice to you is “DON”T SPAM”( spam is unwanted messages sent by someone who is more likely trying to sell something you may have got those through your bulk email, but in this case on your Myspace page or message box.) these networks it may get your account with that particular network deleted immediately. Social networks and social social bookmarking websites sre places on the web for people to meet and communicate on different things. People even buy things. What do you think Myspace and Facebook sole purpose is? The answer is to sell to a huge targeted market. Notice their ads on different pages. These ads are paid for by the advertiser via Google ads as we call it Adsense. Remember, gets billions of hits a day so just imagine the million dollar checks they receive just by their Adsense checks. Here’s a list of free to join social networks and social bookmarking websites. Free web traffic to your website or blog.

Free Social Networks

Free Social Bookmarking Websites

“Remember to use as much tags as you can” called “Yahoo Bookmarks”

Write Articles

Remember to write articles on your spare time to some article portals. Here is my personal favorite because In my opinion these are the most visited and believe me the more you write the more people will see your articles, Enjoy!

This should start you out for now to get yourself out there. There is ton of things for you to learn to make money online including SEO, ALEXA, Google Pagerankings and a whole lot more………Remember to join us on the forum on the ebook does cost $9.95, but once you are inside the forum is totally gold! These people discuss all kinds of stuff. One secret that we are using and discussing on the rich jerk forum now deals with domains. Register a domain and make a quick 4,000 a month. All depends on the name of the domain. I know for a fact people will drain this method dry I have a few domains working for me now that brings me in a quite amount….heheheh! I’ll see you at the top mate! Cheers….

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