How to Promote Youtube Videos Free for Your Business

The evolution of the internet has been evolving for over 5 years now, and web 2.0 is in. Back in 2005 when Youtube start scratching the edge of the surface no one knew how fast they was going to grow, and they surely did… an spectacular rate. Slowly, but surely traffic had picked up and many people started using Youtube user base network to connect with individuals all around the world. So what exactly is Youtube all about anyways? Youtube is a video network for people that wants share videos with the entire world.

Everybody, and I mean everybody will have a chance to see what you have uploaded on Youtube so it’s safe to say that this “is” the internet marketers dream. The question is how in the world do we utilize this magnificent tool that everyone uses every single day to watch videos. So I decided to do some of my prowling on Youtube and learned what others are doing to make there youtube page gain millions of views each and every month, and even days.

1. Create A Video Page

Creating a page is easy with all the tools there for you to use there is no way that this is impossible to do. Add fancy colors on the page so everyone who visits your Youtube page doesn’t gets thrown off by your marketing approach. Purple is pretty cool to use in something like this. It gives off a an edgy friendly version of the the page you are creating. Create a welcoming video for people to visit when they visit your Youtube page.

Introduce yourself to let the entire network know that you are a real person that owns that particular page which would get everyone who visits a more comfortable filling instead of a “I Want To Leave Right Now” kind of feeling. Produce your real name, biography, interest, and other information that is available to introduce yourself, however, this doesn’t mean give your address, phone number, and social security number just the basics.

2. Have A Business Logo

I cannot stress enough to help first business owners understand that a logo is very important when creating a business. It let’s the customer, visitor, or reader knows that what you produce is real. Copy down your notes, and study what people like to see on your video page. This doesn’t have to be something out of the ordinary only to sway the customers understanding of the outlook of the business you’re in. It’s just like wearing Tuxedo to a ball, everyone trust you because it looks great.

Keep all detailed logos professional and non flashy. You can create your own logo if you want using software such as CorelDraw which is my personal favorite, or you can hire someone to do it for you. I’d rather continue creating my own logos because it takes the fun out of the idea of creation. Once you create the logo just place it on your Youtube page to personify what exactly you’re about.

3. You Need A Video About The Business You Are In

The cream of the crop of video marketing starts within the network, and that’s video creation. This is not hard one bit although you can be creative with the process of creating the video. Try creating a news video about the business that you are producing. Buy yourself a suit, and be very professional when you explain the business you are in so that the message gets out clearly to those who are interested.

Persuade your Youtube visitors that you are there to help them and that the product that you are marketing is what they need immediately. Urgent messages like those works awesomely when it comes to showing your face on video. Sometimes you may get hateful messages on video marketing so it would be best to get ready for such things like that to happen because it will. Have you taken up drama class before, well it’s not necessary to do so in this business anyways.

Before you get in front of a camera practice before you preach for about an hour. You will be surprise the kind of videos are uploaded on Youtube every single day without proper editing.Last, but not least, repeat the name of your blog or website at the end of your video so that we know where to go and find the product or service you produce online.

5. Viral Video Marketing & Blog Marketing Traffic

Have you ever watched funny videos on Youtube, then looked at the hit counter under the video to see that the video gets over 10 million hits in less than a month. That is what you call direct interest. The fun thing about this kind of marketing is that it’s free for everyone to receive. You don’t pay one dime for uploading videos online, and receiving the high traffic volume that your videos produce. The kind of marketing that has been revitalized is viral marketing.

Remember those crazy chain letters people use to send each other on Yahoo in which everyone in your list, and friends list would receive because of following the directions of the letter. That is somewhat how viral video marketing is when done correctly. Create a splash, funny, or shocking video that people would channel in to see on your Youtube page, then give directions on what you want them to do in terms of sending it to there friends for a special surprise. This can also be done significantly from your email also by leaving the Youtube link when you pass the email along. Do you have a huge list of friends that have emails? If you do, then that’s just splendid!

Blog marketing is all the way in! Video, and blogging goes hand in hand for some time now. Many individuals ask me how to work from home using Youtube on a blog. Just start funneling traffic from the Youtube page that you’ve created to your main blog. I digress, if you have a hosted blog then you may have to pay for some high bandwidth cost, but if you have a free blog like this one then there is no need to worry about that at all.

Try out using Google Adsense and see how much money you could possibly make from using Youtube and a blog combined. This gives you and idea of how much profit potential your blog has. once you have created your blog just copy, and paste the HTML code on one of your post or page. Not only will this help people who visits your blog understand your introduction, but builds great credibility.

3 thoughts on “How to Promote Youtube Videos Free for Your Business

  1. Robert

    Best way to get started is to get yourself a camera. Depending on what it is you are trying to convey it could be something as simple as a computer video. I have a Flip camera (got it for $150) and it works great.

    Then sign up for You Tube and get yourself your own channel. Then follow some of the advice in the article. Like anything you have to get started first and then go through the learning process, mistakes and growing pains. Oh…and a few little success along the way too!

    Best of luck to everyone!


  2. admin Post author

    Hi Robert, you are definitely right. If you can get into an untapped niche and produce vid content for it then you will make a market for yourself not to mention A1 dollars in your pocket.

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