How to Help Others for Money

Everyone needs help once in a while on the internet so the best way I have figured out how to help a few people by directing them in the right direction and without confusing people because the internet can be confusing at times, especially when it comes finding the correct information. So, I’ve managed to gather up some for old times sake. You really can make money buy helping others in need, but it’s better to just help even if it’s for something simple. Today we are going the how to way 🙂

How To Get Back On Ebay

This can be so frustrating at times when your account gets deleted by these guys, however I always just go back and create another fresh account to get back on. Many have wondered how to get back on ebay online, and the answer is just contact them on there email, and explain the problem that you are having about there service. More likely if it’s simple then they may be able to restore it. Remember to keep all information from your original account close by.

How To Solve a Rubik’s Cube

Oh yes, my nemesis is the rubik’s cube. When I was a young child this thing had been something of a problem for me. Believe it or not I couldn’t believe how someone could create something so brilliant in my life like the rubiks cube. So I began asking everyone how to solve a rubik’s cube because I would get to the end and find 3 yellow blocks in a row on the wrong side. Slowly I realized that no one can explain to me how to solve a rubix cube so I went to the library and found a little book because it just kept on eating at me constantly, and I found it. Go here ——-> they give good direction.

How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies

One of the most annoying flies to get rid of is fruit flies because they are really easy to accumulate, especially in offices and your personal house in a infested area. I keep my house with screen gems to keep them out, however, I found some ways on how to get rid of fruit flies quickly. You can go here ———-> to look more into on how you can do this for yourself.

These are just a few niches and example on how you could build a business around helping others solve there problems. Try creating a real product to solve it if it’s your more expertise, and you will be surprised how successful your business will turn out. You don’t need to know how to become a millionaire or billionaire to create a reputable successful business as you can see it’s many different markets to get into.

7 thoughts on “How to Help Others for Money

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    Terrific work! This is the type of information that should be shared around the web. Shame on the search engines for not positioning this post higher!

  2. Darryl

    Great post! This is exactly how you make money online. You find a niche or problem that people need help with, and you provide them with the information that they need to solve that problem. People will pay to have a solution to their problems.

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  3. Brent M

    Making money from home via internet marketing is always made out by marketing “gurus” to be much more complicated than it really is. Really all you need to do is know how to build a wordpress blog, add high quality unique content and then get as many high quality “juice links” to your blog as possible. That’s really all there is to it. Keep doing this over and over until you are on the first page of Google for your primary keyword/phrase. Thanks for the useful post.

  4. admin Post author

    That sums it up Brent, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to do it, just time. Content is more valuable in the engines than anything these days.

  5. admin Post author

    Hi Darryl, thanks for visiting. Yeah, and all it takes is your next move on solving the situation at hand. Whatever methods you put into play must contain simplicity to fixing the problem.

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