How to Start a Small Delivery Service

Placing orders is one way to get the merchandise closer to the customer however someone has to get it to them right? Locally, this can be a grand opportunity for someone who has a truck to do. Mostly the items that are being delivered within box trucks are bulky and not too small. Have experience operating a truck and handling breakable merchandise? If so, then you might need to think hard about running a delivery service of your own. Of course you would need money to buy or rent a truck. Here are some of my ideas of what you could do to buy box trucks, find employees, merchandise to deliver, and why it is in demand and anybody could do if dedicated to creating a income.

The delivery business is thriving because we are always going to need things shipped from one destination to another and there are ways for an average person like you and me to go about doing this and creating a profitable business out of it. I visit places that actually require jobs that need truck drivers and have found out that the most a person could make in a day is $300-400 dollars simply by delivering one place to another in a short amount of time. Truck driving is big business so let us begin breaking down some important principals for creating a small amount of wealth in this profession.

Find A Market In Demand

I have worked for companies that are searching hard for truck drivers to drop off all kinds of merchandise and products to there customer’s homes, and we are going to talk about a few of these niche industries that are being ignored and should be paid more attention. The demand for appliances is certainly high and many would call this a “need” for most homes in that has big families. The standard refrigerator, range(stove), Dishwasher, and even the hanging microwave has become a commodity in the eyes of most families because we use them everyday right? Delivering these type of appliances have become a trend over the past 10 years due to the new home being built no to mention homeowners needing to switch out the old for new.

Furniture is another market that cannot be ignored when looking at it as a deliverer of product and merchandise. Delivering merchandise like furniture or appliances would cost someone around the price of $50 dollars. So imagine someone that is deeply into this profession delivers to 10 homes in a day. That would be $500 bucks that day alone. The type of work that can be done with trucking is unlimited so that means the opportunity for finding delivery labor is pretty easy if you have techniques to attract customers who need a delivery service to move something for them.

Hire Truck Drivers

There are tons of guys and even women are willing to ride trucks in there local area for pay. There are two ways to get employees to work for you which is placing ads in a newspaper, or having those close connections with labor workers. The newspaper ads will always bring in someone who knows how to handle trucks, mechanical, and hard labor work which is the whole idea of placing the ads in the newspaper. Interview them and see if they meet your needs in experience, past jobs, and other elements that you feel has to be addressed.

Family is suitable for delivering items for you. Hiring family sometimes can be a major blow since ego can get in the way so be careful on who you trust with the merchandise that is being handled. Individuals that you may have worked with at UPS, G.E., FedEX or any other delivering spots might have that extra handy experience that could be used on the road for delivering products. Family oriented businesses form these types of businesses and grows as time goes by.

Buy Trucks

Buying trucks is mainly the problem individuals have when running the a delivery business because there expenses are too low to pay for it or the quality within the truck isn’t so good. There are truck companies that are at your dispose like Penske or even Enterprise however there are other options you can take. Depending on how many trucks you need which could be 2 or 3 there are chances you don’t have to pay too much or anything at all.

First, try out bank loans or retrieving a business grant to buy the trucks and equipment you need. The trucks alone may range around 50-60k dollars so if you can get a grant for at least 150k then that would be very generous and greatly beneficial to your delivery business. If that doesn’t work then rent one truck and as you make the money just save up until you have enough to pay for another one for other truck driver to drive. Its all repeatable and once you’ve reached the income level you are agreeable with then push harder for more, don’t get comfortable until the business pays for itself.

Marketing Is KEY

Just like I’ve said before, delivering merchandise and products is big business and success is can be one shipyard away from you if you place the cards in the right rand. Marketing can catapult a delivering business into a frenzy just by hearsay. Information passed along to others can bring in more clients who need things moved. When delivering merchandise be on time so that the customer use your service over and over again. There’s nothing like dedicated, repeating customers because these are the individuals who are consistently paying you for more service.

Place local online ads about your offers, time of delivery, type of delivery service and how to apply. Always stay connected with clients by leaving your phone number and email address in case they have more work need done. Say if all 3 of your trucks make there deliveries for today and they have managed to bring in $700 worth of deliveries. Splitting the money down in half means you get $350 * 3 that would be $1,050 in a days time and it actually could be more depending on the demand for delivering in your area. Let’s hear your input on this matter and what you think is in demand in today’s market, comment please.