How to Write or Start a Poetry Contest for Cash Prizes

Start a Contest

There are other ways to monetize on poems and that is entering into contest online or start one of your own. If you have a website that has many readers who write poetry you could have them submit there work for a contest, but have them enter the competition for a .50 to a $1.00. Say that you have a consistent amount of readers and poets of 200,000. If one fourth of them participate in the contest you generate between 25,000 – 50,000 dollars. Place a $10,000 upfront prize for the winner and this could be really big for you and the one who is the winner. The magic behind making the money is getting individuals to participate. Setup a cheat-proof voting system that everyone abides by. Why? Because this alone promotes your legitimacy for those who are skeptical about entering the contest. Imagine hosting such contest every month. You could average $250,000 – $500,000 every year pure cash, not bad eh.

Turn it into Big Business

Without a doubt writing can generate a nice amount of income for a person in that particular field of work. For a person who is writing poetry this is a grand opportunity to take advantage of writing also. All your efforts can be paid for once the work is done. This is how I made money a long time ago in school. The guys wanted to create something special for there girlfriends so they came to me to write a few love poems for there significant other. On the side I made a couple dollars from each customer and everyone was happy. After seeing the potential of expanding this business I went further to into the poetry business.

The real opportunity behind writing poetry is understanding the category you want to be apart, and labels your expertise in that subject. There are tons of niches surrounding the poetry industry. Get yourself involved in the poetry industry simply by joining networks that offer chances to submit poetry. Competitors are always competing to win a little bit of money or prizes by submitting there work to get a vote. This isn’t the only way to generate income from writing poetry you can also create a small website of blog hosting your poetry.

The genre that I am most interested in is love poems because there are sub-genres that supports love poems. There are other genres under poetry of course, but love poems are mainly looked at by a lot of individuals because it tells a deep emotional story between two people. So now that we know that we have an idea of what we want to start writing in poetry it’s time to setup a free resource like a blog to start off. Blogs are a essential need for a marketer to profit properly online. Everything within a free blog such as blogs is built in and ready for you to start publishing articles immediately.

Write about three poems a day on your blog to keep people coming back to read what you have. Although you don’t have any eyeballs glued to your poems at this particular minute you should continue posting as many as you can. Some individuals will copyright what they have before releasing them to the public which is smart because all the work you put into writing poetry you wouldn’t want all your work to be stolen. From posting poetry online there is one way that I know you could make some money from this little known niche and that’s Google Adsense. Google spider bots will see the content provided on your blog and all content will be indexed in Google eventually drawing readers in from Google traffic.

Link your poetry blog post out on different social networks and forums so Google will index them quickly. It will be best to set an anchored text on different categories of poetry to start ranking for those particular keywords. You make money according to how many keywords attract readers to parts of your blog. Through linking out it builds credibility to your poetry website quickly. Linking out takes time because you need resources to allow you a link back. Stick with social networks, social bookmarking, article networks, and forums for links.

Have you published greeting cards for different service or businesses before? Have you ever read a Hallmark card that establishes a quote within the card that is really hilarious to read. That’s how some greeting cards are if you’ve shop at your local grocery store you will find them in the card section of course. If you have an idea then invest in the need for it. Some card companies are willing to publish whatever idea that you have in mind that brings in money, but this can be a little risky of course. You don’t want someone to steal your idea so it will be best to get all poetry copyright.

Look behind some greeting cards to see what companies are manufacturing for these cards. They maybe small time which is why it would be wise to have a little money to invest in order to share a little in the risk the both of you would be taking. All this depends on the ideas that you have in mind that will sell to the public. You may not get accepted off the back but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to quit the poetry business.

Initialize your own card business to, and sell your own poems within them. Search for a company that will publish the cards for you to sell in your store. If you are a well talented person in writing poetry then making them by hand wouldn’t be a problem. Advertise your business to the masses by offering places like flower shops poems to give to there customers with details of where you are located to buy more poetry from. Send out greeting cards to business that may want to give your product a try to set out on there shelves.

Once you have set up a business plan with other business that has a demand for customers that loves to read poetry then you will soon start seeing the profits coming in back to back. The fun thing about writing poetry is you are just having plain old fun. You gain mixed opinions on different subjects while enjoy the company of like minded people around the world. So if you enjoy the idea to work at home and make money online writing poetry then give it a shot. You will be surprised.

26 thoughts on “How to Write or Start a Poetry Contest for Cash Prizes

  1. Brie

    I too would like to know what are some websites in which you can write and make money… do you know of any?

  2. Alphonso

    I have a lot of poems I’ve written…I’ve never posted any on sites, but am now very interested in getting my writtings out there. My first concern is copyright before I put any out. What’s the best and fastest way to protect my writings and least expensive way to get started?

  3. Anita

    I think it’s a wonderful idea. I really need to get started but how can I start it. I live in Nigeria,am a student of English and Literature in the University of Benin,Benin city. I am on facebook and hi5,I really want to make money with my poetry skill.

  4. Raphael Adegoke

    there so many websites that can host u for free.websites like,, etc.don’t waste your money building a website when u can have it free..

  5. Emeka Eke

    I have poems and several articles i’ve written. How can i make money from these. Can i use this portal to sell them?

  6. sellingpoems

    There are dozens and dozens of places which will pay for poetry. You can do a search on Google for writers guidelines + poetry which will list places which pay for poetry as well as non-paying markets. It is very time consuming though.

    Alternatively you take a look at which has a database of over 100 markets all of which pay for poetry.

  7. pathak

    Hi, I wanted to share a new website I found called

    they allow you to earn money by creating “Top Five Lists” online.
    So far I have enjoyed writing for them and I like the fact that they payout once a month.
    I highly recommend this site for anyone looking to make extra money.
    Hope this help!

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  9. christina

    i just want to know what is the best website to actually sell your poetry at. I have a lot of them just sitting around me, and all i do is end up re writting them over and over again. It’s getting kind of old and i need something fun to do with them. If anyone know please email me at

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  11. Mark

    I agree – I started writing poetry for the lady who is now my wife, because we lived on separate continents and it was a great way to strengthen our emotional bond.

    Since then, we have just published (via CreateSpace and Kindle) two volumes of poetry, and are just about to start the narketing so that we can actually make some sales.

    However, as you say, the key thing about writing, to me, is that you do it because you enjoy it. If other people like it as well, then that’s just icing on the cake.

  12. Stacy M

    You mentioned that some writers copyright their material before publishing them on blogs and websites. How do you go about getting a copyright for your works?

  13. admin Post author

    Hi Stacy :-). Visit they should help you on the way of getting this done. Thanks for bringing that up.

  14. admin Post author

    Congratulations Mark, creating a living from poetry online isn’t that hard especially if you create interesting works, way to go! 🙂

  15. Raman deep

    I have a quest to poetry and articles .If someone wants that i write for them can contact me

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