How to Sell Used and New Home Appliances

When I was younger we use to always go to the store in search for home appliances in different areas. It was interesting to see how the salesman would try to persuade my mother to buy home appliances that were in there showcase. I was amused how they would word there explanations to lure customers into buying things, such as, washing machines, ranges, dishwashers, and all sorts of kind of home appliances. Later on, I realized that if I could sell home appliances then I could sell a lot of them in no time flat.

In the business of selling home appliances there are mainly two areas at home that needs them the most. There is the kitchen where you need a dishwasher, range(stove), refrigerator, and hanging microwave. Then you have the laundry room where you have the dryer, and washing machine. These home appliances are essential to getting things done on a everyday basis in your life. The caveman days are passed over and now we are ways ahead of developing ideas on making our day to day life easier with home appliances.

This is where business is made because everyone need appliance to get the job done at home. You need a refrigerator to keep the food cold. The range is a total necessity for preparing dinner on a normal basis. The microwave is used to warm up food for the kids when they come home from school. The dishwasher washes the dishes for you automatically saving you plenty of time to get other things done. The washer and dryer is definitely a need so you can wash clothes automatically without scrubbing the with your hands. All these things seems like an luxury and they are, however, home appliances have been mended into our lives and without them there would be tons of manual work around the house.

So, you want to make money selling home appliances in your area? That’s not a bad idea if you know the expenses, and cost to start one up for yourself. It all comes in one if you are a contractor for a company that provides you with the truck and home appliances to sell to those who buys them. Some companies allow contractors to deliver home appliances for a percentage of the profit that has been made. It all depends on how much work you can handle in your area to get the contract. If you run a line of trucks with a dedicated team then you could diversify your efforts easily with no problem.

Big companies such as, General Electric, Sears and Maytag have been using contractors for a very long time to leverage there profits. What they would do is pay them a percentage depending on how many home appliances were sold and delivered properly. Running a trucking company can be a hassle if no one is using them so you will need to get as many contracts as possible to keep revenue moving. Would you rather run your own branded home appliance business upfront rather than being under an already established company? If so, then sit back and read about how I may go by doing this.

If you can afford to buy two trucks and a medium building with huge storage in the back then you may have a chance to make this work. You still have to stock up the building with home appliances that people want to buy from your store. Have a few showcases in view of each home appliance in different areas of the store. All the stock that has been accumulated should be stored in the back away from the public view. Okay, where in the world do you receive in demand home appliance stock and deliver in order serve the public? Sometimes this can be a drag if you have no idea where to find companies willing to do business in home appliances with you.

What you may want to do is call up some big companies first and see if they would like to come down to view your operation. They may allow you to sell some of there stock out of your building if all looks legitimate. Of course you have to put up an investment in the risk that they will be taking doing business with you. In the end it will be all worth it depending on the demand in your area for affordable home appliances so be careful on the area chosen to do business in. Take a look online for home appliances to see who is new in the business.

Use the Google search engine to find a business that is into selling appliances online. These type of business are usually just breaking into the home appliance business so all you gotta do is contact them to see if they are looking to expand there organization, and more likely they are. Some people are particular on the appliances that they buy so if you find a company that would like to do business with you I would look into the quality, cost of each appliance, quantity you are allowed, and customer demand. Put out a survey to see what people in your area are looking for in home appliances.

What you already know is home appliances can be very expensive if you are buying from a huge company like General Electric. If you are receiving stock from a company that has just hit the market then you are in good hands. Starting off with company that is new to the business means internal growth for your business and there’s so take advantage of offering the external potential of new customers a quality product that they can afford. Once you have figured out where you are going to be receiving constant quality-affordable stock from you need to put your business on steroids.

Just like I said before, when I was a kid salesmen were indeed persuaders, and marketing is no different from what they did. Expand what you can offer by setting up a blog to get your home appliance business in the open online. Blog about the latest home appliances being offered at your store at an affordable price. Reach for keywords in Google to enhance the visibility through search engines. Create a home appliance logo to imprint onto your blog to make it look professional and enticing.

If the company you are in partnership in selling home appliances for is in the business of drop shipping also then setup a deal to send traffic to there website to generate profits from sales made in affiliated commissions. If you upfront money to start of a home appliance business and would like to then give it a try. Once that new income stream takes effect just continue hiring drivers to deliver for you. Once you have a well organized team on your side, and stocking partner you can’t go wrong.

29 thoughts on “How to Sell Used and New Home Appliances

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  2. kevin

    I think this would work best in rural areas like mine where Lowes is a long way off. (20 miles for us)

    In a city you probably couldnt compete with Lowes or Best Buy.

    There is a guy in my town who even with a bad reputation does pretty well selling new and used appliances and new mattresses. I hope to take over the area when he retires soon…

    He wants to sell me his operation but he wants too much. I’m just going to wait till he closes or sells to some sucker and start my own from home.

    The wholesaler he buys new appliances from doesnt care what I do with them as long as I meet the $1,000 minimum order.

    New appliance parts sales is also a good small town business. Buy them wholsale from the nearest supplier and advertise. Carry the most common parts, and some used ones if you will. There is a huge markup on new appliance parts. Lowes, Home Depot, and Best Buy do not carry appliance parts.

    There is a guy 2 towns away who really charges ridiculous prices for parts but people buy them because there isnt anywhere else to get them, and a lot of people in this area dont know how to use the internet or even have a computer.

    Plus country people are a LOT more patient , I’ve lived in big cities and now the country. Country people dont have to have it right now. Tell them you can order anything they need and have it in a few days. Get the money up front though…some will never come back for their parts and you are stuck with them if they arent something you sell all the time.

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  18. Jan Smith

    Selling home appliances may look easy but you would be quite pleasantly surprised at how many people do their research first on the internet to get information about all the choices available. And lets face it, there are a few! 🙂

    Personally, I prefer to help them to make up their minds by offering suggestions on what they may need to consider and then information via adsense and cpa offers on where they can get what they have thought would be good. “Head them them off at the pass” either that or guide them safely into my coral

  19. omri

    I have to agree with JAN SMITH, selling home appliances it is hard and you need to be very persistence to promote your products.

  20. Adler Wells

    Plus country people are a LOT more patient , I’ve lived in big cities and now the country. Country people dont have to have it right now. Tell them you can order anything they need and have it in a few days. Get the money up front though…some will never come back for their parts and you are stuck with them if they arent something you sell all the time.

  21. Amudhan

    A fantastic post. Even people living in countries like india will find the ideas given in the post will find it useful

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  24. Karen

    I wonder how appliance sales have been effected with the down economic times. You are absolutely right, we now see home appliances as things we can’t imagine living without but I imagine that upgrading those appliances before they stop working has become a little less common. And with the downturn of home building appliance sales must be slower too right? Foreclosures are still far too common today as is bankruptcy for small businesses. I like your methods here though and I hope they work for people looking to open small and locally owned business. We need more of those today for sure!
    Chicago Bankruptcy Lawyer

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