How to Start a Designer Purse Business from Home

Companies are lining up to get into the game that has a lot do with women apparel, why? because it has become the new thing now all these different styles have surfaced for women. This is big business no matter how different you look at it. One thing you have to look into when getting into the business of selling women purses is that the market is pretty big and we are going to talk and discuss wonderful idea you could make money in this industry by using online resources as well as offline businesses to help bring your brand into the light. There are tons of ways you can become a woman’s apparel seller just by getting a few things done before actually becoming a marketer to the public. You have the choice to treat this business like a business or an hobby like some people do. Doing this part-time is an option however you could also do this full time too.

The first thing you should do is get your peddlers license before approaching this niche. Whenever law enforcement see you on the street they would ask for information on your position and the last thing you need is to not be ready when this may happen. If you plan to sell products from off the street this has to be your objective before considering this method. There are companies that would allow you to shuffle your merchandise to there existing clients for a fee. Another way to gain access to spots on the corner or store front is to offer the owner of the establishment discounts on the merchandise that you deliver or have shipped in for you to sell. Creating business relationships with the store owners are simply the best way to inaugurate strong accommodations in the long run.

Make sure the purse’s material is not shedding. Sometimes you have leather purses that actually peel and the customers really hate that because they may not be able to contact you for a refund or to switch out for another one. The better quality service you show to the customers the more recommendations and repeated customers you will receive in the future. Make sure you provide adequate contact information so you can be reached in case you more items that may interest the consumer.

Ask for there phone number or address so you can keep in touch with them in case you have more merchandise that peek there interest. This is a totally new day now because you can stay in contact with just about anybody either on the phone or over the internet you will have access to that individual for updates. Emails are just as good because you can email them your product line as you get it. Before marketing to them through emails it would be wise to get permission first because that would be considered spam if not given permission to do so,

As a vendor, do you have any wholesale company that you buy from to sell purses? If you don’t then you are gonna need to jot down a few companies that wouldn’t mind considering you as a go to guy for selling wholesale products to. If you shop around stores like Wal-Mart or Citi Trends then take a look at the companies or either talk to the owners to get a little intel on where do he or she receive these products from. Do not buy products from overpriced wholesale agencies.

If you are getting 30 small purses for 300 dollars in which the retail value for each purse is actually 15 bucks then you are purchasing them for only 10 bucks in wholesale. You can turn around sell them out for about 450 dollars for the real price which would be a quick 150 bucks if you have a consistent clientele of 30 or more customers to purchase items from you. That is how you make a clean profit in this business. This can be a hard business if you are not resourceful enough to build up a customer base.

The question is, are there any other ways you can create a income in this business by expanding in larger areas? The answer is yes! You could open up a small shopping booth that sells nothing more than purses and create website to profit from the online audience. Setup a merchant account and build yourself a website that features your merchandise on display. If you have connections on creating a delivery service that would actually ship the purses off to the customer then you might do okay however you are going to need to strike some sort of deal with wholesale vendors so you are not paying more than you profit out of the deal.

Marketing on the internet can be simple if you have a upfront quality product to sell to the women that love designer purses. There are companies like Luis Vuitton, Coach, and Guess that puts out very unique women apparel so it would be best to understand there methods and learn from them at best. Setup a description on each purse that you put on your item list so people have a good idea what they are buying. If the apparel do not have style then it could be a problem getting your online business off the ground. The difference between making profit online and offline is you get the feel of the customer and there reaction which is a really useful element to pick up. Understanding what the consumer enjoys the most can send your niche into a sellout frenzy.

Everybody is using social media to find useful things and talk with relevant friends or family so penetrate this market with your brand and expand into a larger audience. The more friends you build up overtime the better chance they are going to discover your store online. There are greater chances for you to gain more exposure to your product online than offline because you can connect with over 100 targeted people in a day than you would in a month offline. Your prices depend on you and how much value your product is worth so you are in charge on how well the business come into play. Selling more than you expected? Then the product may be worth more than you though. Not selling enough? Then lower the prices, however, don’t go too low that it won’t cover the cost for how much you paid for it because there isn’t any profit in that.

I know Ebay is a saturated place to go however that is a good thing if you look at the quantity other than the competition. Get your feet wet a little and find out what is being offered under women apparel and I bet you will be surprised. Have trouble selling purses? Try placing your purses on Ebay and find out how well it goes. Create an Ebay account, create pictures, details, and set up your price for the apparel. Try ranking for keywords or simply use Facebook ads to place your store page on so people can find your product easily. The idea off doing all these techniques is to gain credibility and build customer interest. Sooner or later you will begin noticing bids pouring in wanting to purchase your wholesale purses.

I don’t believe that there are companies out that are non-viable because there are people who want, and need what you are selling so don’t count yourself out of businesses like these. Big money is to be made in niche markets involving women purses. Everything starts with creation and learning new ways to solve a problem that a customer is having or have a desire possessing. There is no one-man monopoly over any business simply because there has to be alternative for consumers, so, good luck, and I hope you have considered using this niche in your future business. Tell me, what do you think is going to be the next boom for women apparel.