How to Make Money by Staying at Home Stuffing Envelopes

I remember back in the day when I started searching for a work at home business all I wanted was enough of cash to buy myself a car and a few video games. It;s so funny how 10 years can pass by so fast and see how yourself have grown over the years. The thinking of an individual attends to grow with so much knowledge and understanding in these business that soon it all comes to you well.

One day I went outside to get the mail out of the mail box and noticed one of these work at home programs presented by some individual trying to tell me about a opportunity that I couldn’t pass up on making money from home. Out of the blue this had come into my mail box, and I didn’t have the slightest idea what this was all about. The thing that caught my eyes was the work at home idea it was presenting seemed to be obnoxiously phenomenal to me.

Behind the fancy presentation glitter graphics on the package I noticed that it was trying to sell me on a MMO(money making opportunity) to make $10,000 a month. Who in this world wouldn’t mind making that kind of doe so I look more deeper to see what I had to do in order to make that kind of money right away instantly. While opening the letter, For a second I thought my chances were slim because it has to be a catch to the idea of making money from home. What it told me I had to do on my part was make money online stuffing envelopes.

What I supposed to be stuffing in the envelopes was brochures about companies selling products to people who subscribed to their mailing list. It presented itself with a “GET IN NOW BEFORE EVERYONE ELSE DOES OPPORTUNITY” kind of way, and who wouldn’t want to make money stuffing envelopes. For every envelope that I had stuffed I can receive .50 cent each, not bad huh? That means if I had stuffed 1000 envelopes at .50 cent each I would receive $500 bucks for all my work.

I begin to wonder, how in the world am I going to do all this with no materials? Believe it or not they even insisted providing all the materials for me on the first order. In Hearing this, I was so surprised about the idea of stuffing envelopes for a big profit that I wanted to get it in right away before I was too late. The price ranged around $40 dollars for the package so I paid for it. The package had guarantee that it will show up through postal mail within a week.

For days I had been waiting on this package that suppose to help me get a car and purchase a few video games I wanted so badly, I couldn’t wait. For days I had waited for the package to be delivered so that I could get things rolling the way they should be. Later on in the week I had received something in the mail stemming from the package I order to start my little business up quick as possible. It wasn’t the package I was looking to get, but more information about the business.

It went on telling me about more businesses that I could possibly get into for an additional charge. I was so angry to see that I had flushed away $40 dollars on such a scam. There was no way that I would sink anymore money into someone pocket without them delivering me what I had ordered. I wrote a letter to this company asking for an explanation why I didn’t receive the correct materials on the business that was presented to me in the beginning. Hoping for some kind of response, I did not get one answer, letter, nothing what so ever. I found out that the supposed company I acquired about wasn’t real, and these type of scams have been going on for decades. There are five things you should look at before getting involved with a company and here they are:

1. Company Name & Business

Always make sure that the company is registered and ran buy a reputable company. The way you can detect some of these companies is by looking them up on the internet. That is how I found out about the stuffing envelope companies. People will be blunt and tell you the truth about a company or make money idea if they know what you are talking about. Warnings have a way to show themselves, and soon you can point out the scams in different areas, especially the make money online fast era.

2. Contact Info/Phone Number

Look for the contact information on the envelope or letter when someone is trying to present you with a opportunity to make money anywhere in the U.S. or out of the united States. This can save you a lot of trouble and time when you can easily call up a person and ask as questions as you want instead of guessing how this works. Do not send any kind of funds to a P.O. Box because that can easily be setup by a scam artist. One of the oldest tricks in the MMO book of scams is setting up the P.O. Box., when someone’s presents there business in that kind of way then ignore it all together. Always go by a true mailing address, that means they could be real, and deserves your money for there services.

3. It Doesn’t Cost Anything

There is no real reason to spend a dime on making money online although it would be wise to invest in your own business. When someone sends you a letter presenting a business opportunity for money then it’s best to ignore such things. Free has always been better. Just look at my “free” blog, I can make millions of dollars with it if I worked hard enough and wanted to make that kind of money. With consistency, and strategy you don’t have to spend a dime online because it’s laid out in a way that if “I” profit then “You” profit. So that alone is a wonderful thing to keep in mind these days of making bucks online.

4. Testimonials

This doesn’t hurt at all, well sometimes. Keep in mind that some testimonials are fake because the webmaster pays someone to say it. The reason for a direct video or written testimonial is to insure that the reader would insist on purchasing the product that the webmaster is selling. The best way to get your bang for your bucks is to talk to someone that has actually experienced what you are going to potentially buy. A blogger usually gives a true review on what the product or service is about because they may become an affiliate of that particular product and sell it form there blog for a profit. Testimonials are good, but it’s best to distinguish between the real ones and the fake.

In the end, stuffing envelopes could be a real business i just don’t know for a fact right now. Before you put money into anything promising you to make $10,000 dollars a month look for details showing that the opportunity is real and delivers what you are looking for. The article above was just my personal experience with these type of programs. Others may have a total different opinion, but that’s what blogs are for. Update me, and tell me what you think 🙂

3 thoughts on “How to Make Money by Staying at Home Stuffing Envelopes

  1. Denise Suhr

    I got scamed by just that stuffing envelops & net. I stuffed 1080 envelops for them spent $110.21 my money on supplys.They furished stamps & flyer with instructions. after completed reported assignment done 7/27 Told wait 15 days check for 2000 & new assignment well come.I’m still waiting also doz. e-mails & letter never no replys back!! What it is they find people to mail out there flyers which is recondition labtops & microwaves.Then when done never pay!!! SCAM

  2. Mag

    Before you join or purchase any work at home opportunity, do you research , Google the company name adding the word scam to the search , it is a simple but effective way to find out if the opportunity is legit

  3. Cliff

    @Denise: That’s so sad to know. Had you reported it to the authorities? It’s just hard to trust a website when a big amount of money is involved. People should learn from this.

    Clifford Adam
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