How to Earn Money with the Google Adsense Program

It amazes me to see that there are so many people trying to capitalize on Google ad program and who can blame them because there is a lot of money to be made in the program if you know how to work the system authentically. I have become very aware on how the program works inside and out. The opportunity to create income and make money online from your home has become a true reality due to the benefits offered after you have completed the necessary steps. Today we are going to explain the top 5 ways you can boost your income or create one by using the program to its full advantage.

There is no such thing as a professional in this business unless you have established a well known product that somebody wants or need. You have no customers to rely on in this business in the beginning which is why adsense would be the program you may need to consider if you have enough traffic. Once you have retrieved enough visitors on your blog or website you can begin retrieving a lot more unique clicks that fit in with your personal niche. Let’s look at some statistical markers you should begin looking into before utilizing the network:

1. Research On Your Niche

More likely you have a good idea what you want to achieve and how you are willing to get there, however, you want to understand the inner quadrants of what industry you would like to go after. It basically depends on what you already know rather its sports, entertainment, technology, clothing, etc. there has to be a niche in place before you can profit from the traffic. In the year 2003 there was not many ways to figure this out unless you took a random survey on people by using the internet or simply walking up to them one at a time on the street and I thought to myself, “I’m trying to run an online business not a offline one”. The idea of running a online business appeal to millions of people because there is less overhead and more profit. It is a quicker way to grow a business in a less lengthy amount of time.

I discovered Google a few years later and the programs they had delivered which was totally awesome. You can easily figure out which niche is compatible, competitive, traffic, and most of all trends. Everything is based on the usage of the keywords by the user on the search engine. They have tools set in place for those who would like to investigate the industry that they are pursuing for long term business attraction. You do this by checking out how many people are using the search engine for a particular keyword by simply utilizing the webmaster tools under adwords that they provide for you. There may be a case where there are 2000 people searching for the keyword “camping equipment”, or 10,000 individuals search for the keyword “how to bake a cake”. Everything is determined on how well you develop something for that niche that you choose and the end result can be profitable once you have gained those visitors.

2. A website or Blog is The Primary Goal

I was waling along the road and realized that there was a store that sold heating appliances and was wondering how did I manage to skip this particular establishment. The truth was it had been there for years until then I really needed to check this place out. My point is you are going to need a place where people can visit to see what you have on the shelf which brings me to my point on blogs. Blogs are essential to dragging in every individual and persuading them to buy from you or take the advice that you give and use it to there advantage. If you can create a reasonable amount of content that can help someone you should consider opening up your own blog so that the information you are giving is out for thousands or possibly millions of individuals to see.

There is nothing difficult or challenging when purchasing a blog because all you need is a hosting company that is going to host it for you. Plenty of hosting companies exist on today’s market such as,,, and so many more for you to sign up with. The best thing about hosting companies today is that you can use the special “one click install button” for blogs or content management systems like so, my advice to you is to start up a website of your own or simply publish a blog that will suit the needs of your future visitors.

A free blog can be a little beneficial however you may want to add more features or elements to the blog so a hosted blog can actually be what you may want. While it is true that the benefits you receive on free blogs are basically the same as paid ones you are going to need patience for any one of these to work for you. You can create free blogs using platforms such as Blogger is pretty easy and all you have to do is sign up with Google and add blogger to one of the products you are going to utilize from there product list. Once you have done this you can begin blogging on whatever you like. The other network that you sign up with is The platform is pretty decent however I would suggest you host there blogs on a server simply because the elements are more superior than anything on the market, not to mention the plug-ins you can implement.

3. Content is Your Next Goal

Finding a subject to write about is truly a headache especially when you are consistently looking for something that is not of interest to you in the first place. When I first started out blogging I could find a single thing that would strike an interest to me so I began thinking about my daily activities and what I enjoyed doing. After I had published a few blogs in the past I noticed most of my blogs were filled with content that I was just blabbing about on my other projects from school. In that instant I realized that I loved writing a lot. I wrote about anything that made sense out of what I was doing which was basically just publishing post about business in general.

There are no limits to what you can write to attract people because they will seek you out. There are numerous of business opportunities that we are subject to starting online and many of these individuals are writing content for people who are looking for the best answer and if you are doing this you are indeed going to be getting web traffic from needy individuals. Give advice and solve a problem and more likely you will receive clicks which means money in the bank for you.

Research online and find out exactly what can you deliver on a daily basis to make someone want to learn more from you and then you will see ho well the industry is gong to pan out before you seek any deeper. The more unique articles you publish the better end results you receive. Creating articles for your readers can be simple if you plan ahead. Simply do a outline about your post then write 5 sentence paragraphs under those outlines surrounding the subject of the post.

4. Sign Up For The Program

You must submit your website for approval for the ads to show up. Most of the time when you sign up for the program Google is looking for unique and non-adult content before approving the website so make sure that you have created a content friendly blog or website that anybody can read throughout the day. It takes a few days for the approval so just stand by until they have completely done a overview. Once you have been approved by the team all you need to do is add the code. I suggest you add color to your ads that matches the background color to your banner to give it style. Do not do anything tricky with the ads or Google may penalize your account.

5. Time to Build Traffic

I have learned a lot about building web traffic and the benefits could be tremendous if done correctly. My first project with building web traffic was using the search engines as a magnifier. Just like I said before, the more unique content articles you put out for individuals to read the more traffic you accumulate. Since you are writing articles on subjects for people to read to solve a problem Google index these pages for whatever keywords within the article and overtime the search engine place these keywords in different positions which result in someone reading your article. Search engines are vitally important when building adsense income and that is why keeping up on product and writing about it could eventually increase visibility within time.

Social networks are pretty cool to use when creating a traffic resource. Facebook has gained a huge authority over the net over the past few years and now you can begin benefiting from the social giant. All you need is friends that are interested in what you are offering, or simply use there ad network for getting new customers. Facebook has accumulated over 500 million friends so surely there is opportunity knocking at the door for you. Although Google is probably the number one source for ongoing web visits it doesn’t hurt to have additional eyeballs glued to your product. Be consistent with Facebook because the whole network is geared for learning and meeting new people that may have something you are searching for.

Youtube is a clean place to post videos and sometimes dirty because the competition heats up like the oven on Thanksgiving Day. If you have video production skills then you could literally become a go-to haven for people who love videos. The thing about Youtube is you do not need to be a professional whatsoever. As a matter of fact all you need is a idea. If you could turn that idea into a video then you could attract a behemoth amount of video-traffic in a matter of days. Creating something people want and need isn’t hard at all especially if you have gained a reputation around it. Branding a product has been overlooked dramatically so this is the opportunity for innovation and development in yourself. Everybody has something unique about themselves and you do too.

6. Market On Article Networks

Now that you have begun creating content for your blog it would be best to consider submitting content to other sources for web exposure. There are hundreds of thousands of article networks that has huge amounts of traffic that should be well considered because in the end people are reading articles and visiting resources attached to these articles all the time. Just by publishing one article a day you have the opportunity to increase 10 visitors a day and out of those ten someone more likely would click your ads you have published on your post. The top networks that I have used for increasing visibility is,, and


The whole process of creating wealth is time. Once you have been given a pathway all you need to is walk it. Building a reputation online and turning it around for profit is nothing hard but it does take time. I have missed a lot of detail on how you can make the best out of creating a huge income however I know you have more intelligence on this matter. What are your suggestions on building a better source of income? Leave a message on your take on the subject.