Tips on How to Write a Novel on Any Genre for a Living

Writing and then publishing a novel can easily become a sensation. We are not going to totally explain exactly how to write a novel too much but ways you can make it available to the public. Writers are superlative beings of creation of words however it doesn’t mean you need to make up bigger words to capture an ideal group of readers but a clever invention of your own.

Words are great to know however the story, and how wonderful it plays out matters the most since the words are not the only thing that is taken into consideration. Transcendent material is not dry! Its beyond the limits of fantasy, drama, action, or even adventure and if you are an systematic reader you’ll notice the clouded fiction material that seems to be related to day to day lives. Lets take a look at the fundamentals of distributing a novel online.

Study The Greats and There Novels

Novels that are describes the characters as being heroic in fear or drama has been the center of attention for centuries. You have iconic figures like Stephen King who has published novels that has turned the lights on in Hollywood pictures.

Think about the likes of J.K.Rowling novels which has sparked the ideas of magic in the past decade. The Harry Potter films has caused the whole franchise to become worth billions because the enchantment involved in the novel itself. Learning the tools and techniques of these moguls can enhance your knowledge and writing abilities.

A regular reader is consistently recording every word propagated in the novel. Things that surprises and excites you as the reader probably does the same for the rest of the viewers so take note of that. Investigate reactions to certain points in the book then add these skills to your own without copying someone else work.

Writing a novel takes a length of time so spend about 2 hours a day on deliberation or writing if you can spare that much duration. Sum everything up by placing a presentable introduction in the front page but do not tell the whole plot of the novel, just spread a taste of what is in written on the walls of the book. I suggest doing this first because it doesn’t just help the readers, it gives you leverage on what you want to talk about in the story, sort of like therapy, its a better guide in the beginning.

Use The E-Book Method or Find A Publisher?

Either one of these are provocative but one technique might not fare well if you are strapped with a significant amount of capital. Publishers are very choosy when it comes to picking out a novel they would like to invest money into so having an extra 20-30 thousands dollars for prodigious production may persuade a publishing company to help invest for the rest of the novel.

Read the fine print before signing any contract with such companies. The percentage for how many books sold and the compensation plan overall is a important factor. Forward the contract to your attorney’s office before going along with the proceedings. Got 50k for investment in the novel then have it published yourself.

E-books are selling every single day and people are ranking in thousands of dollars a day mutil-tasking in this trend. Download utility set that can be handy for writing a E-book. You can even add small pictures for illustrative reasons in the novel under each passage/chapter you create for style or meaning.

Open office can play a nice roll publishing a novel of your own, and its totally free! I call this electronic novel publishing since readers can download the book on there desktop PC or laptop computer after paying the original price for it.

That means little to no overhead on your part unless you have no background in designing a slam dunk design of the front cover of the book then you can spend a small amount of money to hire someone to do it for you.

Okay, I’ve Finished Writing My Novel, Now What?!

It’s been a hard road however you have managed to complete your first unique novel now you have to protect its every being. The question is why? The work you have put out for the public to see is not safe since others can copy every word of the book then copyright what you had initially created yourself.

Before distributing any content among readers its very important to copyright your materials before publication. Visit to get this explicitly processed. This can cost a writer millions of dollars in possible royalties if you do not follow the necessary steps in doing this. The money to get it copyrighted shouldn’t be an issue besides everything including your credibility is riding on your tenacity to protect the work you put out.

Announcements Measure The Success

Telling everyone the release of a book is not hard. If you have already established a website online that delves in exact divisions then you are in good condition, for instance, say you are writing novels about “love” and so happen you have a website that is geared towards love poems that caters to an audience that visits the blog or web page 300,000 times a month.

The next thing you need to do is setup an intelligent campaign on the establishment to start receiving exposure to your establishment in full throttle. It goes viral after a ratio of 3-6 months depending on the popularity and likeness of the novel.

Use other decent resources such as Amazon which has created an environment for individuals to purchase books. It is the “go to” place for book lovers so if you do not have nothing else in mind for exposing your novel to the masses I highly recommend giving them a try besides even if you have gained viewership Amazon can catapult your iconic demeanor to a whole new level.

It all boils down to the cost of the novel and the projected amount sales you will make from this project, let’s see, depending on the attracted demand for your unique novel published it could sale for $15-$20 each, however, lets go with basis of your own territorial niche explained earlier, the love poems website that houses 300k views month.

$15 * 10,000 = $150,000 dollars!

The figure can be a lot more than you think or very much lesser if you do not target the correct audience by using the free method of pushing novels through E-books it means less overhead and more profit! Teach yourself ways to use the viral approach and watch your revenue soar from word-of-mouth.

Since you currently have a website ranking in the search engine queries for keywords that centers around action, love, or adventure genres your related novel shouldn’t have a problem going viral. Have some input to add for this article to help readers abroad, then comment below.