Why Should Online Entrepreneurs Use Firefox Browser?

There are some really wonderful tools for those who work from home online to determine where there blogs or websites stand at the moment. Personally, I’m a big fan of the Firefox browser because it gives me great reports on my blogs and websites. With the infamous Firefox browser you can get reports on how much traffic you are getting on your website, or your search engine optimization scores. Those who work at home would find this extremely useful in determining where they stand on the search engines as far as search engine optimization goes.

Use the plugins that Firefox provides you, such as, rank checker. Rank checker tells you exactly where your blog/websites stands for a particular keyword in the Google, Yahoo, and MSN search engines. You never know if you’re ranking for that particular keyword until you check. Another thing you should know is that Firefox browser is a quicker load and browsing experience. It’s safer to surf with the Firefox browser because it’s always updated and never ignored. Internet Explorer is great too, but Firefox has become that great name that’s not only known by its fast browsing speed, but for the support of marketers around the world.

Firefox has become one of the most used applications in the world, and dubbed #2 in browser applications used online. Other websites, such as, Google.com, Alexa.com, and many more have created plugins to add on Firefox’s brilliant browser. Which is why it would be wise to keep up with the best of the best.

1. Download Your Firefox Browser at www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/

2. Download Your SEO Firefox plugin at www.tools.seobook.com/firefox/seo-for-firefox.html

3. Download www.tools.seobook.com/firefox/rank-checker/ for Rank Checker

There are so many plugins to name………….

6. From Legitimate Work At Home Jobs To Home Based Business

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Something intrigues a person before they step there foot in the door in search for a home based business opportunity. Before you even start searching for wealth online, a gap in your life is missing that you want to cover up or even achieve. Think about what pushes you to even start a work at home opportunities online. Is it the money, people, freedom, or even the fame. The average person feels unsettled about staying home to make money when others feel captivated. Why? Because change can be very hard at times, especially if you are use to living your life with just enough to get by. The human mind only sees what it’s use to transmitting in everyday life. So there’s a clause between what’s real, and what’s reality in many cases reality sometimes turn out to look bad, but that’s not always the case.

Before I launched my blogs online I looked into legitimate work at home jobs to make money online for free fast. I was a really quite person at work that pretty much kept to myself so I had all the time to myself to think about what I wanted. I grew tired of looking for job after job because of layoffs. I knew I wanted to own a business, but resources were hard to come by besides I had no business skills anyways at such an young age, but motivation can take you a long ways. The internet was something I was accustomed to, but never knew that you could profit from doing small things over the internet. One day I was checking my Yahoo mail, and decided to check my “SPAM” folder of course I never opened any of the mail, but I was curious why everybody hated SPAM email so much.

When I opened up a piece of email I read this long piece of electronic email that was sent out by a guy who was this huge well-known guru(who is legendary now, and made $40,000,000 in a very short time)online that made hundreds of thousands of dollars a month while working in his basement. When a average person hear things like that they go crazy like I did of course. The email was all about building a huge list of targeted prospects by having them subscribe to your emails, after the product is reviewed by the individual the prospect may buy whatever you are offering via internet. The surprising thing about the whole ordeal is these were mainly information products. The “Information Age” was the time when “how to” products were sold drastically over the internet, and people made a killing in this field in the beginning of 2001-2007. So, what did I do about it? Well, just like everybody else who wants to know the secrets I bought into it. Yes, it was worth the $75 dollars I put into it now that I see how it truly worked, but I failed miserably because I didn’t take full advantage of the information.

Accomplishing nothing much online I decided to look further into work at home jobs. I decided to sign up with SFI affiliate program, and give them a try. SFI was truly a gym for people looking for legitimate work at home jobs because it really paid out commissions to it’s affiliates based on what you sold you get a percentage of that. Sometimes the company ran a money pool for profits which was really cool, but I decided I wanted more so I went on a massive scale search, and ran into NONI Juice. (Laughing) The main reason I gave those guys a shot was because the commissions were huge. At $100 dollars a pop you can’t beat that, especially if they are offering you a free “AFFILIATE” website to distribute there products on right. The only problem I had with this was everybody had the same affiliate website. The answer to this problem that no one knew at the time was you must have a targeted group to sell to.

Then came the search engine giants. Yahoo among all of them was the best search engine at the time of 2004 because of it’s savvy commercial advertising. You probably remember that commercial on television “YYYYAAAAHHHHOOOOO!” With targeted keyword search, buyers, and sellers are now able to build a profitable home based business online without the hassle of cold calling, and offline offering. For me, and other entrepreneurs, this made total sense to use this as a opportunity to build a true home based business. Sooner or later Google search engine took the crown, and made search online a prominent picture for individuals to truly search for information, and for us to provide.

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