How to Start a Social Networking Site Free for Your Business

For a couple years now I have been looking into social networks. I hear the same thing going around about chances on meeting new people, building applications, video and other things a social network acquires. In these days in time you can have your very own social network from individuals who offers free open source software. This is becoming a most common trend……I mean…..who would pass up the chance to there very own social network, or even bookmarking website, and have the chance your to gain members right. How in the world can you find software that offers free open source code for people to use similar to Youtube, Facebook, Digg, Myspace and even the now famous Twitter.

Being that I work at home part-time I took the day, and looked into the matter myself, and found a couple websites that offers this type of software. If you are tech-savvy then these will be awesome for you. Although open source is cool to have the quality can be poor at times. Editing the software for better security would be wise. In saying this, some websites using these scripts have been compromised so use with care if you decide to install them on your host. Be the next Tom, Jake, or whoever you want to be now, enjoy!


I am fascinated with the Pligg script because it has one of the best platforms I have ever seen for cloning the famous website Digg. is the website where people submit the newest stories that may haven’t hit the news yet. Once the story is submitted, members of Digg like you and me are able to vote on those stories. Most of the time if the stories are shocking enough more and more people will vote the story which will cause it to make the frontpage of Digg causing the website that made the frontpage receive tons of web traffic.

For your Pligg website you have to do a deal of editing the code if you want a unique radical web design. What I hate about Pligg’s default script is you can’t direct link to the page of other blogs once a story is submitted, but just like I said before with a little technical advancements towards this great script you will have a story voting website up in no time. Play with it first, and test, test, test before you go live with it.

PHP motion

YouTube is a video sharing network where people all over the world like many other video websites come and share videos ranging from news, home videos, and much much more to anyone, and everyone watching. There are tons of video scripts out there today. Back when Youtube debut a couple years ago many software engineers looked deeper into the new technology, and finally made open source software for people who wanted to own there own video sharing network. Now there’s thousands out there that are growing video sharing websites. PHPmotion is a very good example of the Youtube bonanza script because it looks exactly the same. With a little computer web design, and programming skills you can have a video website better than the famous Youtube.

PHP Fox & Boonex

The leaders, and the starters of social habits are of course Myspace and Facebook. Many people have claimed that they wanted to start networks similar to these before they came out with Myspace, but didn’t. Myspace and facebook are places where people meet, and friends keep in contact with one another. A lot of drama and controversy has stemmed from these websites….imagine that. One piece of software can cause an national uproar. With video, layout graphics, pictures, applications and an imagination from beyond this world people become members of these social networks, and become very active, PHP Fox and Boonex are no exception. I don’t know about acquiring applications, but all other things, such as videos, pictures are definitely identical mirrored to these scripts. With a little programming, and web designing you will have a running fully functional social network up in no time.


Okay, I admit! I’m not a total Twitter fan, but that don’t stop the fact people are flocking to Twitter like no other. Twitter is a sort of microblogging website for people to keep in touch with friends, and also keep there friends updated on what they are doing at that moment and time…..who cares what you are doing, right? Wrong! It’s obvious many people care otherwise Twitter wouldn’t be used by so many people. Even movie stars Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher, and billionaire Oprah Winfrey uses Twitter. Revou is the script you would want to buy to emulate the Twitter software if you are interested in building a what are you doing community, enjoy.

So why am I telling you this? Believe it or not this is another way for you to keep your readers interested in your business in a way. Everyone who is associated in your niche can communicate with one another, at the same time keeping your website active. Create a domain pertaining the niche you are in right now, and build features. If you can offer them something or add to these scripts that aren’t being offered to these original online communities, for instance, Facebook was the first ones to offer software engineers to build small applications for the members to use. These ordinary guys, and girls who built these applications earned millions of dollars. Sooner or later Myspace started offering/enabling the same exact thing on there social network because they knew it was going to be the next best thing in social networks. If you can come up with an idea to add to your social network scripts above the run with it.

Once you start growing a wave of huge significant amount of traffic overtime you need to start generating revenue with your social network. The best thing about social networking websites is it attracts a diversified group of people. It doesn’t just attract marketers but plenty of ordinary everyday individuals looking to meet people or find information. What you can do is use Google Adsense on generated profile pages that your visitors create and your main social network front page. When you share profits with Google it’s not a specific amount you will receive because no one knows how much exactly Google splits, but Google does cut you a share.

One other way to make money online with social network scripts is marketing for big brand companies like Ford, Cocoa Cola, Sprint, or many others. Actually you will attract many huge companies that are willing to pay you for letting them advertise on your social network. If your niche is completely open and is not targeting anything specific then they will be literally throwing money to you in order to advertise on your website. Are you interested owning a piece of the new web 2.0 era? If so, then give it a try and let’s make some money!

Until Then My Friends,
Jermaine Pleas

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