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How to Sart Your Own Local Hair Salon Business

I am not a stylist however I am a businessman when it comes to finding potential ventures that can fuel a tremendous growth over the course of years and actions of many speaks for itself. I remember when I use to pick up my girlfriend from work when she use to work for an hair dresser and all they ever do in there was hair braiding from so many type of styles and shapes it was pretty interesting how quick they would finish up these hair dues and start on others immediately.

One day my girlfriend wanted me badly to hear her stories about hair braiding so I listened to her so I sat back and listened as us guys supposed to do for our significant other at times. What I found out is the hair business is supposed to be really a adventurous gig and the being creative is actually fun in hair braiding because of the numerous ideas one stylist may have and the money that is made is actually decent. One style she told me about was the french braid style.

She explained to me that it wasn’t easy creating the style and probably could be one of the most difficult styles in the hair braiding business. People who wear it is usually going on special occasion for a job or simply a date and since french braiding is sometimes difficult to achieve in one’s head you may want to practice the braids in a co worker, family member, friends head before styling a customers head with it however once it’s done right the results are top notch.

What a person need to do is wash and dry there hair so you could give it a texture that ensures that you are ale to braid the hair without any other pieces of hair being missed while braiding. The hair must be straight and not curly so you may want to use some kind of hair lubricator such as hair gel to enhance a better texture to be able to grip it leaving no strains of hair behind. Comb and make sure that the hair is not tangled in any kind of way.

Look above the forehead and take about 3 inches for each section of hair and then divide that hair into three sections. The ideal of having french braids is you must have all your sections in even rows to have a fresh good look after you are done. Now you must take your left section and place it between your left index finger and left thumb and hold and do the exact same thing on your right hand. Allow the middle section to stay flat against the head section.

Now you need to place the right across the middle section going between the index and middle fingers. With the middle right finger immediately cut about a half inch across the section the hairline. You should start right above the hairline moving towards the middle section and keep going down the parted section. Now you need to collect hair in the middle section and pull tight so it can be mended together. Be very careful how you pull the hair because it can cause you to lose hair, cause headaches, or even sleep deprivation.

The hair that you collect in the middle should be smooth and flat to the head. You must twist you in a clockwise like position and move the section of hair that is in your left index fingers to your right index and middle fingers then pull the section in your right hand by gripping it (not too tight) and let the left side go easily. You will repeat these steps until you have made your way down the backside of the head gripping larger sections while doing so. Never braid too tight because it can cause serious problems that could potentially harm the scalp and overall head area.

Once you have completed the whole head all you got to do is place rubber bands to the ends of the braid to hold in place. You could use your new found talent and create your own braid styles and grow efficient in time. All you have to do is practice on as many people as you want with hair braiding and you will do fine in the future. Want to create a business around hair braiding? Well read the rest of what I have to talk to you about building a hair braiding business.

Do you have friends that wants to get there hair braided in different styles or fellow employees that wants to get a hair braiding style done for the weekend then build your customer base. Many people charge around $40-50 dollars per head so imagine if you could do about 7 customers a day depending on your experience and authority around the city. Building a good name is the key to success in replenishing business overtime so retrieve a good name although you may make money out the house build a suitable name for yourself.

The safest and trustworthiest way to grow trust in a business is having a hair salon license in going to school if it’s your niche in making money then take your time and get your cosmetologist license. People do hair for actors and actresses so if you get a chance to do some high profile actress or actor you could use there pictures as proof the kind of work you could deliver. Consumers love it when high profile figures recommend a certain hair salon, product, or service because individuals know they use only the best in the business for there own benefit. This alone could skyrocket your promotion and have people churning in looking for you to do there hair braiding style.

Once you have built a uncanny stream of consumers it is time to expand your hair braiding business. Search around a few city malls and see if there are any buildings around for you to lease out for yourself. Depending on how wide the building is and how many hairdresser booths that are contained inside the shop you could rent out to reliable hairdressers. This alone could be a suitable nice income for yourself once you manage your overhead which would most likely be water, lights, phone, and rent your profits will cover yourself and cost.

I honestly think growing a business in hair braiding you could add this to another addition of of making money from home or your own hair salon business. Once you start the business just give it time to grow and enhance your name to increase visibility from exposure of your business. Your logo might need to be a little attractive and real nifty name because the competition is not a huge one it depends on the recommendation and virility of your company.