Reasons Why WordPress Database Backup Plugin Saves You Time

I know how it is to create content for our websites and blogs, especially for people who are work at home for a living it can be really tough to keep up with the online sphere and create content at the same time. Usually we use our talents to make this content come true for our readers, but we don’t want to loose what we have just created so there is only one opposition for the matter to keep our content we create, and that is keep the post we have just published on our blogs on notepad, or wordpad so we don’t loose track just in case our website or blog has crashed for any reason, for example, viruses from unidentified resources. This alone can be a huge problem for those who has security risk on their computer, or is leaving tracks.

The Database Plugin(dbmanager plugin)

One of the best thing’s that ever happened for the web is WordPress blogs. WordPress blogs are always updated. There are new versions to keep security risk up to date, and the latest plugins are added for you to check out. WordPress allows for you to upload plugins to enhance the usability of you wordpress blog, therefore making it author-friendly for you to use. Many people use wordpad, and notepad to keep their post at hand just in case they loose website content so these are copied and paste to wordpad, or notepad which is provided by default via Microsoft Windows. As a matter of fact, I would continue doing this although the awesome Database Plugin has arrived.

The Database Plugin is for all bloggers. You no longer have to login to your hosting account to change tables around or optimize them for anything. You now can do this from the comfort of your dashboard. Just like I said before WordPress is the greatest, and it allows you to use the hosted platform freely to your ability. In the case of the Database Manager Plugin(dbmanager plugin), not only can you optimize you tables, and delete, or keep them….you can also back up all your tables, and save them for a download. What this means is you will save all you blog’s content, post, and comments on a file that will be downloaded to your computer using the dbmanager plugin.

Why is this important? Imagine creating 1,000 post over a three year period time. All of a sudden, everything you have created is erased incidentally, or someone has broken pass your security only to have erased all your hard work. Sure, copying and pasting is a good way to keep all the work you have created over the years, but who wants to post back 1,000 articles when all you have to do is download a file using your database manager plugin, and then uploading it through phpMyadmin on you hosting account if you have cpanel or mysql following a few steps to upload you database. My advice to you is go ahead and download the Database Manager Plugin, enjoy.

The db manager plugin is essential for use to bloggers and very important to utilize. Overall, the plugin helps you a lot when it comes to preserving your hard work that can’t be retrievable once erased. For people who use dbmanager plugin tool, it is a jewel. No longer will you have to log in to your hosting company and optimize your database tables because everything is done a couple clicks right on the side under your dashboard. Give it a try to save your time, and focus on building your business by posting regularly.

Till then My Friends,
Jermaine Pleas

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