What was My First Business Venture Before Going Online

Before I took a hit at the online market I use to make money offline doing innovative things and monopolizing a little bit on my talents. I write useful love poems and love quotes when I have time in the day. Although I now copyright, and document all of my work I use to make money for selling people some of my work. In school, kids, especially the guys really needed something to give to girls that the liked so much so this was a time for me to become more involved in helping these guys out at the same time making a little cash on the side. So what I would do was sell them some of my poetry that I would hand write for them to give away to the school girls.

Soon, people started to notice my work around the school so I stopped writing because I was personal person at the time. This is a good example of what you can do that can become very viral. I did not know it would take off the way it did, but it did. Business stopped for me because I stopped writing for people at my school. Today I write all of my romantic love poems and love quotes at home on my blog for many to see. There was no fortune made in the little business I had going, but It surely did pay for my lunch, and some other great things such as, video games, books, etc.

If you have a good idea or talent that you can profit off then it’s okay. I think God gives us talent to express to the world, and maybe someone will learn from them. I’m not a totally awesome poet, but I do write from the heart. Writing love poems and love quotes can be considered a work from home business if you want it to be. You can hold contest, or even run a service for people who want to learn how to write love poems if you want. Either way it’s fun writing love poetry and can be profitable if you know how to make it work. You can check out my work from my love poems and love quotes blog at the bottom of my name, enjoy everyone.

Til Then My Friends,
Jermaine Pleas