Teach Me How to Blog Like a Professional Blogger

I remember the days when I used to think about being number 1 in Google search engine what a joy that would do for me, my business, family, and the people I could help along the way. I really enjoyed watching many blogs grow. For instance John Chow blog is one of the greatest successful blogs out there right now, and who can forget Shoemoney. From scratch these guys built a huge name for themselves, and trust from there readers. This shows you a true fact in life. The fact is you can draw more bees with honey than you ever will with vinegar. All these guys did was brand themselves, and posted about things that either made sense or helped readers who was looking for what they are talking about. Right now the job economy is down, and most of us online are either work at home entrepreneurs or searching for the opportunity/ideas to make tons of money online.


Just like I said before making a name for yourself is actually a good thing to become successful anywhere, such as online or offline it doesn’t matter. A good name goes a far way. It just takes time in building your name unless some big event is happening then you will want to be in the limelight of exposure. The two gentlemen above who I describe didn’t only build a business from trust and branding, but they got in when the getting was good. Blogging isn’t old, but the idea of blogging has aged a little bit, and timing was on there side.

Follow Before You Can Lead

While it is true to be unique and come up with your own ideas. I think it makes sense to learn what others are doing to succeed which is what most of us are doing now. Working with what is provided to us at the time is what we need right now. Innovation comes along after you have done the work so don’t feel bad if you haven’t came up with something new to go along with the blogging platform. We have tons of talents buried in our minds so take it one day at a time.

Post Often As You Can

This is one of those things I have as a blogger which is why I’m not a master blogger at the time. Blogging is define mainly by people posting the latest updates on different subjects or ideas. If you don’t post more you will loose readers, and some may unsubscribe from you RSS reader. So it would be very important for you to post twice a week at least, yes, this is definitely a need in my personal category. + Google will see your latest post, and there’s a possibility this may increase your rankings. Remember, although anchored links rule Google still looks at the content you are providing for your readers which could result in increments. Choose the route of being unique and you be impressed with the positive feedback you will get, creation ownz.

Building Relationships = Possible Links(Don’t Be Shy)

Sometimes meeting new people is hard, I mean really hard because you don’t know how people react on your approach, but actually if you know what to do it really is easy. For instance, people come onto my blog and comment, and mostly everyone is very kind-heart individuals. These people that are really easy going, and the type I wouldn’t mind doing business with, such as trading links with them if they have a descent blog, or other ventures if the timing is right. Understanding your readers, and them understanding you will consult in a accurate relationship. Keep a open mind on there opinions on each subject, and reply to each question with ease.

As you can see the mastery of blogging isn’t much of a hassle to overcome. It could be a lot more to you here than what I have posted above or lesser. All depends on what are your goals, and what you call becoming a master blogger. What do you guys think on the subject?

Til Then My Friends,
Jermaine Pleas