Can Twitter Boost Your Business Brand?

Twitter, I can not get into it the way I want to, but I know for a fact that this is the way to go for people who wants to work at home. Twitter is a simple platform for users to keep in touch with each other. Similar to the old fashioned chat box routine in my opinion, but so much more added to a old kind of 90s way of keeping in touch with people we know. Getting into the groove is a problem for many marketers online because we aren’t known names on the internet so it’s almost impossible to attract others to follow you and grow a list.

Suddenly, I started to wonder how in the heck do we break into this “NEW” software also known as Twitter. I decided to view the platform a little bit more, and I noticed something of value. They have a little search engine for twitters to search by typing and searching targeted keywords. Once you type in the keywords you can see a whole list of twitters tweets on targeted keywords from relevant conversations. For instance, I want to search “car loans”. I type it in the Twitter search bar and it gives me a whole list of updates pertaining that keyword from people tweeting on that subject.

Knowing this is “GOLD” because now you can follow people that has the same interest as you. More likely they will follow you back which will gradually grow your follow list overtime. Individuals who work from home can take advantage of this little known technique to target there market online. Remember to “not” list your blog link or website on “every” update you tweet because the users of Twitter would see this as being spam. Remember to use the twitter search as well. Today I’ve just started my twitter account you can follow me if you want I will follow you back, until then 🙂

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