Reasons Why You Should Link to Multiple Unique Websites

So many of you know me as a researcher over the internet about marketing. I work at home part-time, but I have began to gain a little experience in the search engine’s SEO game. Recently we talked about linking to Do-Follow blogs for backlinks using your anchored text. It gives the search engines a statistical reason to put your blog on the first page which brought me to a new theory of mine. Most bloggers who make a living online playing the search engine optimizing game probably already know this little known tactic if effective which I think really is.

Okay, for some time now I have been keeping track of my backlinks using a free SEO tool that I use to check for how many backlinks is being accounted for my blog. For example, how many blogs or websites are linking to me in all. I check my blog with this tool every other week to see how much i progress from my link building venture over the week or so. I have noticed that even though I link to a do-follow blog with 3000 post, and nice Google PR, it probably doesn’t matter as much. Say that someone has a Do-Follow blog with 10,000 published articles, and (PR) pagerank of 7. That sounds like you would love to set your blog’s anchored keyword text link on their homepage right? That means you could gain 10,000 published article backlinks just from linking to that blog’s homepage.

Here’s my theory, no matter how many links you gain from linking to that blog Google will still count that as one backlink. Why? Because that blog was registered under only one unique IP address AKA “computer” which is accounted as one backlink to any blog or website that links to that blog according to Google, but just like I said that is my theory that I follow. Of course you may gain a little authority for retrieving so many backlinks from one blog/website I still say it’s not enough at all to make it on first page. So what should us work from home bloggers do to push our blogs up in the search engines, and make each link count? What I do is leave 2 comments on at least two blog post for each Do-Follow blog I visit to make sure they are accounted for that unique IP address.

Now, go to many other Do-Follow blogs and leave real comments on each Do-Follow blog. You will gain a ton of backlinks sooner or later. Usually, I comment on 20 different blogs a day its all up to you. Remember, these are unique class C IP addresses websites/blogs. Each blog post accounts for only one backlink, although you link to the front page of that blog, and you gain one million backlinks it’s still only one backlink that you have gained because it’s only one website, and unique IP address. How many do you need to reach the front page of Google? I’d would say at least over 500-700 unique class C IP address websites/blogs using rich keyword anchored text links. Remember, this is my little theory, but I think it’s authentic enough to keep in mind.

The backlink SEO tool I have been using is a gem in my opinion, and has helped me on this little investigation of linking to the front page of Google’s SERP. I hope you use it in your SEO efforts if you want to now how many actual websites/blogs are linking to you with a unique class C IP address. Remember, this little tool counts only one website/blog you are receiving. It doesn’t gives you a ton of backlinks from that 1 blog, but that website. So, instead of receiving information on 3,000,000 backlinks from linking on the front page of blogs/websites, you will receive info on each “one” blog/website you gained a that you linked from which may average around 50-100 all depends on how many blogs you commented on how many websites you are linked to. I will be posting more soon, cheers :-)!

*Please Read Before Using This Tool*

Backlink Analyzer Tool – You may have used this backlink tool before. If you haven’t then you will have to be patient when using this tool. All depends how Google, Yahoo, MSN search engines sees your website’s url you need to either use these formats: “” or “”. In other words, sometimes the search engine doesn’t see the “www” acronym so please check the Google search engine results by typing in your URL for your correct URL because this is what Google sees in their index, then use that particular URL for to check you backlink status. Do not use “http://” in the tool. Only the “www” format or just your url name then .com. This tool doesn’t show the anchored text for your backlinks, of course we already know the anchored keyword that should be linked to each blog that’s listed on this tool once we get the results. It takes about one minute for results, and it shows up to 250-1000 linked blogs/websites including unique class C IP address results.

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  2. Tim Etzel

    Hey. good info. It’s kinda interesting though, that most people do everything by hand. Really! For somethings it’s just obvious that it should, like ppc and seo. really!

  3. Sabrina Zari

    This is one technology that I would love to be able to use for myself. It’s definitely a cut above the rest and I can’t wait until my provider has it. Your insight was what I needed. Thanks

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  5. steve gordon

    I’m constantly looking for backlinks for my websites. I’ve heard that even “0” page rank can help. I just wonder how much it’s worth paying to have high page rank links. Do you have any idea? Are page rank 8 pages worth 8 times more than page rank one?

  6. admin Post author

    I think Google is trying to figure out a way for people to not rely on Google pagerank. I notice websites with PR0 rank just as good on search engines just as those that has PR4 rankings. How I know? Because I have a few that are ranking pretty good myself.

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