How Can I Utilize Google to its Full Potential for My Website

Today we are going to break down just a little bit about Google’s pay per click program for people who want to work from home online this is a opportunity to do so. Remember, for those of you who are new to Google’s pay per click program should know this is really a unique program that Google has provided for advertisers to use in order to advertise the products or services that are marketed to their customers. This particularly does cost you money, but can be very beneficial to you if done right.

Go to and type in a keyword, such as, “Satellite Tv”, or any keyword that interest you inside the search box. When the results return you will generate 10 website links related to the term you typed inside the search box. Depending on the advertiser’s bid and competition you will find pay per click ads on the top and right side of the results page after typing in the term of your choice inside Google’s search box. DO NOT click those ads unless you are truly interested in what is being presented to you. A lot of the keywords that is being searched for is actually receiving thousands even millions of searches per month. So how do you know which Google pay per click keywords to use in order to make a profit. You can use the keyword tool!

1. Go to to research on the search traffic on Google – Use the Google keyword tool to find the best keywords related to your product or services. When you find the related keywords just press add and they will be added to your list.

TIP: Use Google trends in order to find out how productive that particular keyword have been doing through the course of the year. It will be presented with the turquoise graph bars.

2. When typing a title, description, remember to keep it related to the product, service and keyword that you have chosen to represent to your customers. The competition is fierce so be creative when creating the Google pay per click ads.

3. The cost of your campaign depends on you. Google ads starts out at .05 cents a click and goes up from there. A lot of advertisers on Google pay .50 cents to $5.00 a click on many campaigns that are ran by them simply because of the return that they receive from running such campaigns. Most of the time when paying .50 to .75 per click on your campaign may get you that first place on Google PPC program if the competition is so fierce.

Imagine this! You create a campaign paying $0.50 cents a click. During that month you receive 2,000 clicks on your campaign. That’s $1,000 dollars you have spent for visitors on Google PPC search engine. As you see there are many ways to make money online in different ways using Google. What if 1/4 of those 2,000 visitors converted into buyers. That’s 500 visitors x $50 dollars = $25,000 that month. I’m not saying that’s how much you will make, but the possibilities are endless. Truthfully, many people make 5 times more than that.

4. Measure your campaigns that you run on a daily basis. What I do is create 2 or 3 campaigns related to each other and figure out the ones that converts well into cash. If you receive more visitors and great click through rate on campaign #1 than number #2 then go with number 1. Why? because you will more likely convert better with those keywords. Another way you can create a successful pay per click campaign is to watch what your competitors are doing so well. If their campaigns runs more than two 3 – 7 days then they are more likely profiting from that particular keyword and campaign that’s running. Many advertisers do this which is why they are wealthy today. Good luck on your campaigns and remember to test, test, and test!

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  1. Gregg Pettitt

    Thanks for the info, as a newbe I have been looking for info that can help me start to get some traffic and income.
    I now realize the importance of testing campaigns and using multiple campaigns to improve earnings.

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