Should I Be Using a (VPS) Virtual Private Server for Hosting?

Hi my friends, I am extremely sorry that I have been away from this blog so long. For the past few weeks I’ve been really busy on a number of projects, but today I am so obliged to be back to make another post today, thank you :-). A month ago I was sitting in my office in my thinking, thoughtful, theatrical, Triple T Tee time called (TTT) mode and it hit me really hard, (laughing) no….not a ton rocks or anvils thank God, but the way we host our blogs these days. Have you ever woke up in the morning and wonder why do we even bother to work from home online. Well, to make money right, and it provides us a wonderful life that many people only dream about.

What some of us fail to understand is we need a dependable server to host these profitable blogs on in order to stay in the game. VPS stands for Virtual Private Server which is a special hosting package that allows webmasters or bloggers to receive a humongous amount of traffic without the troubles of being shutdown because of the web traffic rush. You probably have heard of these amazing stories of people getting on the front page of or only leaving there blog disabled because of this rush of traffic that they receive. The thing about getting on the front page of these social networks is it doesn’t have to be your own doing. Someone may find your story intriguing and decide to vote for your story then “BAM”, there goes your blog because of poor hosting, and not enough bandwidth. If you’re not really into attracting tons of targeted web traffic to your blog then you might don’t have to worry about VPS.

SEO is my main focus even if it wasn’t I would still need VPS dedicated package when so much traffic comes around then we won’t have to worry about getting shut down because of the lack of bandwidth. Man, once I started to really think about the whole ordeal I said to myself “15mb of bandwidth just isn’t enough…how about 500GB of bandwidth”. That sounds about right for us work at home bloggers doesn’t it, or how about 1 TB, even better huh? Right then I started to skim the internet for some healthy resources on this matter, and found that we could have this done easily without a hassle. This may sound like a self sales pitch, (laughing) or doesn’t, but I’m definitely not going to sell you anything, but I will direct you in a better path than the one I took. I stress the matter of hosting your blog on a VPS packages for SEO sake. This is another reason why free blogs are so awesome to have because this knocks one trouble off your hand, but on the other hand you are in control of the destiny of your blog if you hosted it on your own.

OH yeah, if you are using a shared web host account, and wish to transfer your domain over to a web host that offers VPS hosting, then I suggest you backup all your files immediately before you transfer any of your domains so you won’t loose any information. If you have the Database plugin installed on your wordpress blog then go here to learn how to download a backup for your WordPress blog using the Database wordpress plugin ————-> Backing Up Your Database <-------------- sroll down to "Using WordPress Database Backup Plugin" at the bottom for instructions. After you have purchased VPS dedicated hosting with full access to Cpanel, and phpMyadmin then go to -----------> Restoring Your Database From Backup <-------------- Now you don't have to worry about loosing all your data after you have switched hosting companies. Check with the hosting company you are with now to see if they are offering VPS dedicated hosting packages, if so, then all you have to do is upgrade your hosting package. These web host are the ones I found that are reliable VPS hosting, enjoy my friends! Web Host That Allows VPS Dedicated Hosting:

PS:(FOR NEW BLOGGERS) If you venture out on your own to finding the right VPS hosting package make sure they allow the one button WordPress auto-install, and accessible Cpanel. I know uploading files to your server may be fun, but this makes the process of getting things done quickly, easy, friendly and hassle free.

Till next time my friends,
Jermaine pleas

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