How Can I Start Stuffing Envelopes from Home for Money

It’s been a decade or more now since those days of remembering my first encounter with one of the most biggest games surrounding work at home industries and that is work from home stuffing envelopes for a living. Up to now I still remember as a little boy walking up to the mail box to pick up the afternoon mail and finding these schemes claiming that you can make 10,000 dollars a month from stuffing envelopes. Just reading the success stories had me thinking about getting into this work at home industry only to be disappointed because you have to send out a check for $50 dollars to get started stuffing envelopes. Luckily, I had the time enough to look into this more and save money to order this program. Looking further, and researching this particular work at home program I found out that people were not really making money in this because the whole idea was a scam to get your money that you have invested in it. Again, I was disappointed and upset because the whole idea of making money from home was intriguing to me.

The way individuals are supposed to get paid by stuffing envelopes is paid per every envelope you stuff you get paid a certain amount of money which is usually around .50, .75, 1.00 per envelope you stuff for a reputable company, or for how many people convert to a sell by your brochures that you have mailed out. The twist in this scheme is you have to make an investment to get you started in the program that supposed to cover the materials that they provide for, such as life supply of envelopes, names, addresses, stamps, and brochures that you mail from the postal office. Usually they would charge you $60-100 dollars in the 80s from what I hear, but when the 90s kicked in heavy investments in such business dropped around $50-10 to get started in the business. As you see the suppliers of such business gives you a reason to invest in such programs by telling you why they are charging you a fee.

My advice: If a company wants you to work for them you shouldn’t have to pay them a thing to be apart of there business. The only reason a individual would pay anything to anybody is if you are in business for yourself and learning( ie. knowledge to actually build a business: blogging, adwords, e-commerce, etc.).

These days programs such as these would say that you could join there stuffing envelope program for free. Why? Well, the people who offers these programs have got clever to know that people in this generation will not go for such shady businesses deals so they offer you something else. Using the “FREE” method mixed with “Stuffing Envelopes” has made it an awesome way for them to build a mailing list and offer you more business deals that will cost you money. Once upon a time this was a multi-million dollar work at home scheme that sparked a number of businesses ideas in the 70s and 80s, such as the surveys, and pyramid schemes, and believe it or not it is still going on today.

Till Then My friends,
Jermaine Pleas

18 thoughts on “How Can I Start Stuffing Envelopes from Home for Money

  1. Josef Willet

    Incredibly cool dude! I found your blog by way of Google searches and I really adore what you’re executing! The energy you have set into your publishing is awesome and I wish you continue to keep up with it! Thank you!

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  3. online work

    Does this method still work? As i see that this post is quite old. Also is it available to all countries? Thanks

  4. Taylor

    Make money online or advertised online is the biggest scam category on the planet today.


    Great reach

    More people online every day

    More people out of work due to recession and home mortgage crisis.

    Prays on people who are desperate or simple.

    I wish the FTC would go after all these guys much harder than they do

  5. admin Post author

    Hi Taylor, I know what you mean but I guess its an economic issue. Some things they really don’t enforce, pretty sad.

  6. Marrion

    I agree, there are numerous schemes out there that want your money. If something looks too good to be true, it usually is. I’ve learned over the years that no matter what you do, you have to actually DO quite a lot of work, to see some results.

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