How to Find Do Follow Blogs to Promote Your Business

I should have explained this little known secret….well not “secret” because search engine optimizers have been using this method for a very long time, and I should have posted this a long time ago on this blog. Individuals who work at home that uses SEO for targeted traffic by now understands to get a blog ranking into the Google, Yahoo, and MSN search engine results pages you need backlinks. Although I recommend anchored backlinks to any kind of appropriate blog I would suggest that you use Do-Follow blogs, but No-Follow blogs are okay too. It’s just these are two different kind of linking structures, and I will explain that to you now.


The no-follow attribute is basically a piece of code that bloggers use that is pasted onto a section of html source of there website or blog. This is done so Google will not count the blogs or websites linking onto there blogs meaning your link will not be accounted for a PR(Google PageRank) from linking onto there blog. For example, when you leave a comment on a blog that you visit it will not be followed by Google for a pagerank 1-10 update. Granted, I don’t know how true this may be because I link from anywhere other than un-appropriate websites or blogs with anchored text links. The reason some bloggers use the no-follow attribute is because it is known that too much links on a blog can cause a blog to:

-Loose Google PageRank(PR), or downgraded (PR)
-Get De-listed By Google
-Loose Link Juice

I can support this matter isn’t so true! I have found many blogs that has over 100 links on there blogs, but the Google PR is really high, and standing. I’m not saying you should place over 100 links on your blog it’s just I have noticed a possible faulty trend going around. Keep in mind these are not blogs, but websites. I could be wrong, but the eyes don’t lie at all.

Al Daily PR – 8
Ref Desk PR – 8

My intent is not to expose these websites. Only to show you that linking to other websites with high Google pagerank obviously covers the fact that even though they obviously have tons of links on there websites they can still obtain a really high pagerank and not loose it. This totally defies what is being said over the internet about the rules in a way. Who knows maybe Google loves websites better than blogs which is why they grade websites with a really high PR, and allow them to carry so many links without it loosing it’s high PR status. Anyhow, it is inevitable we just need to build wonderful blogs. It has to be Linking authority! 🙂

Do-Follow Blogs

So what are do-follow blogs? Bloggers set there blog HTML code to do-follow which allows you to get a quality backlink back to their blog or website. It’s time to target do-follow blogs, these are the blogs that gives your blog value in the search engines. It matters to link to these type of blogs because it tells the Google search engines to index you for whatever keyword that you are trying to rank for. What we do is leave “real comments” on tons of these do-follow blogs to receive a link back to our website which are called quality backlinks. The problem people have when commenting on any kind of blog is the spam filters. Sometimes when you make a comment on any kind of blog post you may be interrupted by a spam filter which looks something like this “” with a blank white page. Just go to the next do-follow blogs because it may take some time for those type of blogs to take more comments. Only the ones who have commented before will be able to leave a comment on those kind of blogs.

Normally, all it would take is about 500-600 quality backlinks from different do-follow blogs to reach a really high position possibly front page on Google search engine for your keyword. I suggest two keyword phrases or more to try and rank for at least the 2nd or 3rd page. Just like I said before, as long as you are ranking in the search engine results pages for your keywords then you are achieving what many have been trying for years. One-word keywords are really hard to rank for so target two-keyword phrases or more. Overall, we have plenty of time to do things like linking so set a goal and achieve that goal. The internet is mainly about making money most of the time, and you are in the right position to take advantage of this if you have read this far.

Here is a list of blogs that caters Do-Follow blogs, enjoy.

Do-Follow Diver – This is a search engine that has over 700 blogs inside. I suggest you get over there and make use of these guys. A real gem!

Do-Follow Search Engine – Over 300 Do-Follow blogs listed!

Nickoo Shore Do-Follow List – This guy caters a ton of Do-Follow blogs on this post.

Grizzly List Blogging Networks For You To Build!

Remember, you have “The Will To Build” so let’s start building!

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    Heya Everyone I am New, Iv been looking around this forum for a few days as a guest. I found it extremely and it has helped out allot. I hope to stay around for some time and give something back.


  2. Anna

    You made some good points there. I did a search on the topic and found most people will agree with your blog.

  3. Mick

    Thanks for the insight. I was under the impression that no follow links are less beneficial than do follow links. Thanks for the resources to find blogs to comment on. I’m just dipping my toe into the area of link building to my site, we’ll see how I go. Once again thanks for the info.


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