You Don’t Need A Google Pagerank 10 Blog To Rank High

Okay, having a blog that has a high Google ranking is really cool, but it doesn’t “have to be” a PR 6,7,8,9,10 in order to be #1 for your keywords. For instance, my blog ranks for my keyword not #1 yet, but can possibly be in time and I don’t have a high Google pagerank which pageranks 3 at the time. The thing is I created this blog at the beginning of January 2009 of 4 months, and I’m seeing progress already. If you want to know how I did this just read my blog post. Gurus claim that it takes years in order to get to the top of Google search engine to rank for your keywords, but they are totally “WRONG”! All it takes is dedication and what I call, “The Will To Build”. Why do I say pageranking is really not a big deal? I study many websites and blogs, although I’m not a expert I have noticed many blogs and websites ranking really high for:

– Misspelled, and incorrect punctuation, like me at times 🙂

– Google pageranks around #2

– Outdated Information On Blog

– A review “website” that doesn’t help at all.

– The Blog/Website have no design, but plain like mines

You can’t blame these individuals for ranking so high in Google search engine all they had was “The Will To Build”. No need for a high Google pagerank for them to get on page #1 for Google Search Engine. All it took was a little SEO, and link building which I explain here in my blog.

However, in many cases having a high Google page rank can be very beneficial to your business in Google search engine. Say that you have a Blog that has a pagerank of #7, you can manopolize on your blog post efforts very well, and rank in the search engine. It’s amazing because Google ranks blog post for the targeted keyword pretty fast for blogs that has a nice pagerank without any kind of backlinks from the blog post other than the main blog itself you can rank for any kind of keyword in a matter of weeks of posting is awesome for your business. That’s why I stress on many of my other blogs to try an get a really high Google Pagerank on your URL name at least, for instance,, then you could post about anything, and rank really high for that post on Google for that keyword. I would say it will possibly rank for that targeted keyword within days of posting if the Google SERP(search engine results pages) are around 20,000,000 – 75,000,000 indexed pages. The important thing for you to do is to rank for the keyword in Google SERP don’t worry that it’s not number #1 at the moment. After your post has started to rank for the keyword that is when you should start building anchored link text backlinks for that post.

Remember, you don’t have to register a, and it don’t have to be your name. It could be something totally different. I tell people to use their name for URL because your name has value and means something just like big businesses like Mazda, Toyota, Macy’s, Wal-Mart are part names and are branded so use it. You don’t have to sign up for hosting for a blog neither because you can register a free blog at or I pay for my domains because I could do anything I want with it from the inside like uploading templates which I rarely do at the time, but if you want to register a domain I can show you some plugins that I use for myself. Have any more suggestions? Don’t be shy leave a comment.

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